Marriage Counseling made simple

Lasting : the no. 1 relationship counseling app

It’s no secret around here that we are big advocates of solid and committed marriages. It is at the heart of what we do after all! We not only want to help you plan the wedding of your dreams, we want to send you into the marriage you’ve always wanted as well. Our friends over at Lasting are making it easier than ever to keep up a healthy marriage by making relationship counseling accessible to all. Lasting, the no. 1 marriage counseling app, is backed by data and content from marriage therapists themselves.

Don’t just think of this app as solely for spouses either! Lasting has great tools for pre-marital counseling as well. It offers sessions on topics like money, sex, conflict, and communication, and provides 5-minute daily activities to grow in these areas and keep the spark alive. Go ahead and download the app below and just for fun, take Lasting’s relationship health quiz to see your score!

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