Meet Lauren Manners, the Event Producer for Alice Perry Events. Lauren is a total doll and we promise you’ll be instant BFFs within minutes of meeting. Not only that but she’s a pro at handing all the behind-the-scene details that make your wedding day happen. Total dream right? We think so too. Learn more from Lauren about how to get the most out of your relationship with your wedding coordinator in her guest blog post below!

When hiring a wedding planner, you want to make sure that you both are on the same page while planning. The planner needs to understand your vision and priorities for your wedding day. Connecting with your wedding planner can help the process even more smooth and seamless.

Below are some ways to connect with your event planner and a few helpful tips on how you can both work together and stay calm to make the planning process as smooth as possible. This way you can focus on enjoying your big day!

Be straightforward
+ Be yourself
+ Tell your planner your goals
+ Show your vision through images as well as words
+ Tell them if something does not appeal to you
+ Give them a budget
+ Review your wanted vendors
+ Let your planner know what your top priority is

+ Make a spreadsheet
+ Log track of vendor communication
+ Make note track of any changes made
+ Prepare a day of timeline – a planner can make this for you

+ Keep your vision in mind
+ Make honeymoon planning a priority
+ Keep the romance between you and your fiance alive during the planning process

Time Management
+ Make time for your planning in between your work and personal schedule
+ Let your planner take on anything you do not have time for
+ Prepare ahead of time

+ Make sure to look over every detail
+ Make every vendor just as important as the next
+ Keep the decision making between you and your fiance

Hiring a wedding planner keeps you calm and is helpful while trying to keep all of the above elements in line. Your wedding planner can take your vision and make your wedding day even more amazing than you could have imagined.

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