Libby and Justin met while they were both working at a summer camp in Virginia. Libby was instantly attracted to Justin. He magnetized her with the way he served and his adventurous spirit. Although Libby was in a relationship back home, she felt almost immediately in her heart that Justin would be her husband. They dated long distance for a year between MI and KY (where they were both  going to college). She eventually moved closer and they got engaged shortly after at the same place where they fell in love.

We are so excited to celebrate Libby + Justin tomorrow night at The Big Fake Wedding New York City!

Tell us about your story. 
From him: It’s amazing to think we when you get married at 22-23, you grow up together. As we look to celebrate 10 years, I’m mindful of the fact that when we met, I really didn’t wear shoes or get haircuts.  I remember deciding to truthfully answer her question — What is your favorite movie? — with my honest thought. “The Family Man”, starring Nicholas Cage, I remember saying, and cringing. She instantly starting crying and ran away. Turns out, it was her favorite movie too. Two things happened after the day: 1. Libby and I knew something was wonderful was happening, and 2. I’ve always tried to give Nic Cage movies the benefit of the doubt.

What was the most unique part of your engagement story?
From her: Justin surprised me by reliving our last day together when we were at camp during this summer of 2005. We sat on the rock in the Maury River where we fell in love. He blind folded me at the mountain overlook and asked me to marry him by writing a letter, which was such an intricate part of our long distance dating story. Lots of letters. After we got engaged we drove to his dads houseboat where I was shocked with an engagement party with our family (Mine who traveled from various parts of the country). We sat on the boat and drank champagne and looked through wedding magazines and celebrated with some of our favorite people.

What was the absolute best memory from your wedding day?
From him: My long time mentor, Chris, performed our ceremony. It was intimate, personal, and inspiring. Since then, I have preformed many weddings, but I’ve always modeled it after his ’talk to the couple’ approach. It was like a conversation we had in front of people. Afterwards, we got into a horse and carriage that trotted down the road at Airlie, a conference center in Warrenton, VA. Later, we found out that the horse and carriage was completely random — a run away from a nearby stable. (Just kidding.)

What advice would you give an engaged couple?
From him: Be honest. Say the hard stuff now, but don’t make it complicated. Enjoy each other, have fun, and serve together. Decide how you will spend your time on Earth by writing a mission statement. Refer back to it often.

From her: Make it about the Lord and not yourself. Marriage ain’t easy but we weren’t created to solely complete one another. It’s about serving, learning to love the other well, and creating a space that’s safe to share all the feelings inside. And have fun! My gosh, laugh together! When you’re married take trips and create memories and take adventures.

What is the best gift you have ever given each other?

Justin makes epic videos for our family vacations, our journey through cancer, our children’s births. Last year Justin made a video for Mothers Day with both of our girls in it (I was pregnant with our third). I wept as they all shared their hearts and why they loved me and what made me special. It was priceless. All the videos are priceless.

What inspires you about each other?
Justin is one of the most talented people I know. He leads our family in the will of God while making it feel equally like a
partnership. Our faith and relationship with Jesus is what makes us who we are as individuals and naturally transcends into our marriage, friendship, and our children. He is willing to take risks and be adventurous which spurs me to do the same thing. He inspires me in his drive, creativity, and ability to make all 4 of his girls laugh. We are such a compliment to one another as we raise our 3 girls.

What is the most awesome thing about your marriage?
From her: It isn’t always easy or simple but we are on the same team. Always for each other and having each other’s back. We aren’t always practical and in turn our missional and impromptu nature has brought a few moves, different jobs, and lots of adventures. Sometimes difficult but I’ve always known no matter we have each other.

From him:  We are in it to win it. We love the Lord. We love people.

The Big Fake Wedding NYC is completely SOLD OUT! If you missed out, we invite you to join us at another one of our events – check out the rest of our 2017 schedule here.


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