Tom and Lauren have been partners in crime for the past ten years. Friends at Allegheny College (outside of Pittsburgh, PA), Tom made the first move after the whole “friends-only” thing seemed to be getting old. Married since 2011, they are living out their latest adventures in the Bay Area. We are so excited to celebrate these two at The Big Fake Wedding San Francisco!

What is the best memory from your wedding day?

From her: Can I choose a few? There were so many! I remember smiling from sun-up to sun-down. My top ones are simple: Tom and I waving excitedly at each other when we first saw each other down the aisle (not sure our Priest loved that one), spending time getting done up for the day with my Mom, spending a few quiet moments before I walked down the aisle with my Dad. Definitely drinking champagne barefoot in the fountain across from our wedding venue with Tom and my brother!

From him: One of my favorite memories was our first dance. We had this amazing band with a horn section, and they learned our song just for the night. It’s a really fun, upbeat song, and when the band started I think it set the tone for the night. People knew we were going to party. If you’ve ever met me, you know I am very, very good at partying.


What is the most awesome thing about your marriage?

From her: I think that we were friends first. Spending time together has always been easy (and fun), and it means we’ve always known each other as our true selves. It’s nice to have that person by you who loves you for you.

What has been your best date? 

From her: We were in this weird phase where we knew we definitely liked each other, but hadn’t said anything about it. We went to lunch together and you could tell he had really been working up the courage to say something (Tom is never at a loss for words) and he just says, “I like you.” We were really good friends at this point, so I’m thinking, “um, I would hope so?” I answered kind of quizically, “I like you too?”  He responded, “No…I like you like you.” And that was that!

What is the best gift you have ever given each other?

From her: A Mont-Blanc pen with a geometric, woven carbon-fiber barrel for my birthday. It was shortly after I had started a new job and just made me feel like he really understood how much my career meant to me. I love and guard that thing like it’s gold.

From him: I don’t know what my favorite is, but I’ll tell you about a great one. We were still living in DC, and Lauren was in grad school at the time. We hadn’t seen each other much, so it was a big deal when I took Lauren out for her birthday. It was one of those nights where the meal, location, everything just came together perfectly. Right down to the wine (a bottle of Silver Oak we’d been waiting to open) and the view of the Washington Monument from our table.

What inspires you about one another?

From her: He leads with his heart. He wants the people around him to always be laughing, and he makes sure family and friends alike know that he loves them.

From him: In her most hectic and stressed days, Lauren still makes time for acts of kindness. It could be as small as grabbing coffee for a co-worker who is having a bad day, or as big as taking a friend out to celebrate a promotion.

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