Jared + Sara met one night at a dinner party – Jared knew about Sara, but she didn’t know anything about him. They chatted for a long time, but no numbers exchanged. She told him where she worked (a local juice bar) and Jared showed up one day! Jared gathering the nerves to ask Sara out on a date, ordered a Kale salad having no idea what kale was at the time. He gained the courage, asked, and she said yes. They were engaged 11 months later, and married 4 months after that. There has been lots of kale since that day.

These two are the real deal. We’re very excited to celebrate them tomorrow night at The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta!

What inspires you about each other?

From her: Jared inspires me to rest and always trust in the Lord. He shows me how to give everything to Him even in tough times. Jared teaches me to laugh (because his jokes are the best) Jared makes the bad times good and the fun times more fun! He is my favorite person!

From him: Sara inspires me to be tender-hearted to others. She is always so good with people and I get encouraged watching her love people really well. She cares for people like no one I have met.

What is the best gift you have ever given each other?

From her: Maybe not the best gift, but one I will always remember was Jared sent me a video of him singing and playing the guitar of our first dance song to me while I was working during our engagement. I was having a stressful week and I still watch it when I am stressed or just for fun:)

From him: The best gift I ever received was Sara’s wedding gift to me. Not only did she read my book that I had written (which first of all she doesn’t read and second of all if she did read she definitely would not read a Lord of the Rings wanna be book like mine), but she also printed it and bound it with leather all by herself.

What is the most awesome thing about your marriage?

The best thing about our marriage is that we both understand that marriage is intended to prepare us for our Maker. We are constantly sharpening one another and praying for one another and preparing the other for the day they stand before Jesus.

Photo Credits:
Tim Harman | Bella Rose Photography


The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta is completely SOLD OUT! If you missed out, we invite you to join us at another one of our events – check out the rest of our 2017 schedule here.


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