We know what you’re thinking – this Vendor Highlight sounds a little familiar. We may have already featured this rockstar vendor on our blog, but our friends at Malvi are so sweet, we just can’t help but share them twice. Not only do they specialize in the most mouthwatering marshmallows we’ve ever tasted, but they find a way to remain as humble as ever despite the booming business. Take a look at Malvi’s first highlight post here, then see how far they’ve come in just a short time below. It all starts with an email from a little company called Anthropologie…



You were recently picked up by Anthropologie – congrats! Can you tell us a little bit about that process from a small business perspective?
It was absolutely surreal to receive an email from Anthropologie. I refused to believe it was true until I saw the purchase order pop up in my inbox months later! I can’t point to a single strategy that resulted in the partnership. All I can say is that we genuinely engaged with their brand partners and put ourselves out there on social media and by participating in events like The Big Fake Wedding. I’ve been so surprised by how large companies like Anthropologie actively scout for emerging brands like Malvi and reach out for collaborations. We have another one brewing that I’m tremendously excited about. Unfortunately I can’t give away any details yet, but it’s kind of a big deal.


What inspires you?
There is an infinite, ever-changing stream of inspiration that I tap into every time I check my phone. Currently, I’m really stoked by the work of two Australian pastry ladies, Katherine Sabbath (@katherine_sabbath) and Caroline Khoo (@nectarandstone). Zach and Christina Meloy (@Betterhalfcook + @cristica_yogi) are an inspirational local couple that I love keeping in touch with. Also, I recently connected with Jenny Bonchak, the founder of Slingshot Coffee. She’s a fellow female small business owner who’s a few steps ahead and has gone through so many of the same challenges we’re facing. She is a champion and so gracious in sharing her experiences and wisdom.


Who’s your biggest fan and why? 
It’s simultaneously humbling and thrilling to see affirmation coming back to us from Malvi fans. Malvi would absolutely not be possible without the support (emotional and physical) of my family, especially my husband and sisters-in-law. I guess they wouldn’t do it unless they kind of liked me/Malvi 🙂 They are my heroes.


What is the best part of your job? 
The best part of running Malvi is connecting and collaborating with other small business owners. Running a grassroots business is alternatively rewarding and traumatic. Partnering with other passionate people is both inspiring and reinforcing.


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
I recommend finding a way to make your product totally unique and then capitalizing on it. There’s nothing new under the sun, and if you’re lucky enough to discover something original that sells, chances are you’ll have plenty of competition quickly. In our case there’s no shortage of artisanal marshmallow makers. Malvi stands out because it has a unique presentation and really bold flavors. It’s made the road a bit easier for us. Whatever field you’re in, take the unique part of you and blow it up!

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emily d. cameron photography


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