Hey there, hobby-florists, do-it-yourselfers and all who aspire to be! If you’ve ever wondered how wedding florists make such fabulous bouquets, we’ve got the perfect DIY post for you. A few weeks ago, we posted a bouquet recipe from Sweet Marie Designs (The 2nd San Diego NotWedding). This time, they’ve sent us a step-by-step on another beautiful arrangement, so you can try it for yourself! Maybe some husbands will even take a stab at it for a nice dinner-date centerpiece.


Step 1: What you’ll need

Today we have a bouquet for you with vibrant colors and multiple textures. Before beginning the structure of your bouquet, you want to make sure to clean all of your blooms of thorns or lower level foliage.

2 Coral Charm Peony | 2 White Local farm Dahlia | 3 Blushing Bride | 4 Baronesse Garden Roses | 3 Lemon Pom Pom Garden Roses | 10 yellow Yarrow | 5 Long Stemmed Succulents | 3 Webbed Succulents | 1 Air Plant | 1 Yellow Pin Cushion Protea | 7 Straw Flower | 5 Icelandic Poppies | 6 stems Poke Weed


Step 2: Assembly

I started the bouquet off by building a base of yellow Yarrow, Poke Weed, and a succulent. Once the base was established I added our focal bloom, a Coral Charm Peony, to each side. I balanced out the top with a white Farm Dahlia and Blushing Bride, a nice contrast to the softness of the Peony blooms. Then I added the Garden Roses and textural florals (Yellow Pin Cushion Protea, Straw Flower, Succulents, and more Poke Weed). To create more depth, I placed Icelandic Poppies throughout, shooting off to the sides.



Step 3: Finishing touches and enjoy!

The bouquet was wrapped in natural burlap ribbon and pinned with alternating blue and yellow pins.




For more floral arrangements from Sweet Marie Designs:
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