Whether it’s planning a vacation, a party, or a wedding we’ve all been there: standing in the doorway asking the dreaded question, “Did I forget anything?” Only to be answered hours later once you’ve arrived at your destination with, “Yes! I forgot my shoes, underwear, phone charger, tooth brush, or (fill in the blank with the item you probably should have remembered)”.

And beyond the practical packing essentials, we forget the tricks and tips given to be present, to breathe, to take mental pictures, or even to bring a disposable camera in order to re-live the non-professionally photographed moments that all come together to make a memorable day.


We’ve looked through our not-so-newlywed surveys for some funny, sentimental, and lasting advice to help you remember the little things on your big day!

Tip #1: Don’t be a runaway bride.
One bride mentioned that if she could go back and give herself advice on her wedding day she would say to breathe. She said to take your time and remember to walk, not run down the aisle. Nerves and excitement get the best of you, but walk so you can revel in the moment longer! She said the moment that it was just her and her dad walking arm in arm down the aisle is a moment she will cherish forever.

Tip #2: Don’t try to be someone you’re not.
It’s been said that your wedding should be the biggest dinner party you could ever throw, that it should represent you as a couple and as individuals, and be a reflection of your style. In the same way, a bride should stay true to her style in the way she looks! If you’re a strictly no lipstick kind of girl, don’t make your wedding day a day to experiment. Be you fully and no one else! One bride said, “I wore flats, and I never wear flats! I would have been more comfortable wearing heels.” Remember, you will have your wedding pictures forever, so be you. Every other spot is already filled!

Tip #3: Advice from the groom: Don’t get stranded with just your birthday suit.
One groom said, “If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to prepare better… I had nothing to wear the next day but my tux!!” Just a friendly reminder to bring a change of clothes!

Tip #4: Time is of the essence.
Time sneaks up on us if we’re not careful! Don’t get yourself caught in a bind with timing and planning! A good rule of thumb is to allow yourself at least six months to get everything together (hint: average time of a wedding dress to be ordered and arrive is 4-6 months!) One bride advises, “Start getting the details worked out sooner! We ended up not having time to make programs or do seating arrangements for the reception.”

Tip #5: Timeless is always a good option.
It’s easy to fall into trends and fads around the time of your wedding. If you’re wondering if you’ll back on something and laugh, then there’s a good chance you will. One bride, Lauren Walloch married on August 26th, 1978, said, “In the late 70’s, the trend for the guys was a “powder blue” two-toned tuxedo…WOW! We look at that now and wish we hadn’t said yes to that! We should have gone with the ever-so-traditional and gorgeous black tux.”

So, there you have it: be you, be present, be timeless, and don’t let those little moments slip by un noticed or un appreciated.

-Sam Cole, a NotWedding intern and member of The Wedding Stagers

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