COVID-19 Action Plan

Let’s work together to maintain a healthy environment!

The Big Fake Wedding is committed to creating a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment for all of our vendors and guests. This guide includes precautionary steps that comply with the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide, which details what will be done to ensure the health and safety of our guests and vendors, and who is responsible for that action.


Event Health & Safety Precautionary Logistics 

Please, note that all guests must abide by these health and safety guidelines when attending The Big Fake Wedding. Guests unwilling to abide by the posted health and safety guidelines will kindly be asked to leave.

  • Infrared Temperature Readers: All vendors and guests must agree to a temperature reading before entering the space. Anyone with a temperature reading over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be asked to leave.
  • Sanitizing Stations: The Big Fake Wedding will provide hand sanitizer for guests. Sanitizer will be available upon entry and near food stations.
  • Face Covering: All vendors and guests must agree to wearing a face mask or covering during the duration of the event.
  • Registration Queue: Scheduled guest arrival times will be designated by The Big Fake Wedding Staff per ticket type and communicated prior to the event.
  • Ticket Scanning: Our ticket scanning process is contactless with the use of QR scanners and barcode readers.
  • Social Distancing: We ask that wherever possible, our vendors and guests to their part to maintain a distance of six feet from other attendees while at The Big Fake Wedding.


Guest Communication

  • Pre-event ticket holder and vendor communication will inform attendees of all safety guidelines required. 
  • Signage will be posted onsite to inform guests of our requirements, and the full list of health and safety guidelines will be on display at registration.


Sanitizing The Venue 

The Big Fake Wedding and venue staff commit to sanitizing high-touch areas twice during vendor set up and the live event. We will reference the sanitization checklist during the event. This list will be tailored to each individual venue we visit.


Public Areas (Lobby, Hallways, Dining and Food Service Areas): TBFW Staff & Venue is Responsible 

  • Beverage Stations, Water Fountains, Vending and Ice Machines 
  • Door Handles, Handrails and Push Plates
  • Handrails for Stairs, Ramps and Escalators 
  • Elevator Buttons (Inside and Out)
  • Trash Receptacle Touch Points 
  • Tables and Chairs 


Restrooms (Including Portable Units): TBFW Staff & Venue is Responsible 

  • Baby Changing Stations 
  • Door Handles and Push Plates 
  • Trash Receptacle Touch Points 
  • Counters, Sink Faucets and Toilet Handles 
  • Women’s Sanitary Product Disposal Containers
  • Soap Dispensers and Towel Dispenser Handles


Bridal Suite, Getting Ready Rooms, Vendor Storage and Other Production Areas: TBFW Staff & Venue is Responsible 

  • Door Handles, Push Plates, Doorways and Railings 
  • Telephones, Computers, Keypads and Mouses 
  • Individual Office and Room Furniture 
  • Backstage and Technical Equipment 
  • Light Switches and Thermostats 
  • Trash Receptacle Touch Points 
  • Cabinet Handles 


Back of House Kitchen and Food Preparation Areas: Caterer is Responsible 

  • Sink Handles
  • Light Switches 
  • Counter Surfaces 
  • Cleaning Tools and Buckets 
  • Trash Receptacle Touch Points
  • Beverage Handles and Towel Dispensers 
  • Kitchen Handles, Equipment Doors, Cabinets and Push Pads 


Spatial Flow 

  • The venue will be outfitted with social distancing line markers for food, beverage, restroom and registration lines.
  • Ceremony seating will be spaced according to social distancing guidelines and grouped together for parties of two and four. 
  • Reception table chairs will be appropriately distanced or not present.
  • Food and beverage stations will be served by a caterer with gloves.  
  • One way foot traffic markers will be present where applicable. 


A Note About Social Distancing

The goal of maintaining six feet (two meters) between people would become a distant secondary consideration if there is a clear and imminent danger requiring an emergency evacuation. Even during this pandemic, emergency egress plans should reflect that moving patrons away from the most urgent hazard is the first order of business. 

Additionally, the socially distanced objects are meant to combat prolonged exposure to another person who may have been in contact with the virus. For example, during the ceremony and reception, guests should acknowledge that milling about and navigating some aspects of the event will not be monitored or controlled. Guests will need to acknowledge that this is The Big Fake Wedding’s best attempt to create a safe and healthy environment for all, but they are attending at their own risk. 

After 11 years, The Big Fake Wedding team is proud to continue providing innovative, experiential events and interactions for both guests and vendors. As in marriage, we are here through sickness and in health to inspire brides, grooms and support small businesses.
We would like you to know that we are working diligently to stay up-to-date with necessary guidelines to ensure safe operations. Please help us follow these new guidelines by adhering to all health and safety directions as they are put in place for everyone’s well-being. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to


We are all in this together!

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