Poetry: the best words in the best order. If you are a poetry fanatic or just want something very intimate and special at your wedding, then Ryan Ashley The Poet is the perfect person for you.

Coming with the charm and romance of Ryan Gosling in “The Notebook”, and the playfulness and creativeness of Burning Man Ryan writes poems that have an everlasting effect. Ryan sets up a vintage typewriter, dresses in vintage poet apparel, and has a sign that reads “A Poem For You” and with every inquiring guest request, Ryan creates an Original custom poem typed right there on the spot on a beautiful stationary piece of paper (potentially with the bride/grooms name on it or company logo) for all to have and to keep as a cherished memory.

With over 15 years of high-end service industry experience combined 8 years since creating this art piece Ryan Ashley The Poet would be a wonderfully romantic, charming and whimsical addition to any event or wedding. Learn more here!

Photography by The Hazel Club

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