Brides, if you’re looking for a way to make your wedding truly unique, look no further than your own bouquet! Carrying a bouquet is a tradition that you can put your own personal spin on. Opportunities are endless when it comes to modernizing your arrangement such as including dried flowers, draping beads and bridesmaid baskets. Some of the trends we’re seeing range from feathers, to succulents, to grains and grasses and even fruits and vegetables that aim to give your bridal bouquet a new twist. These eccentric elements are for the couple who isn’t afraid to be bold and break the mold of traditional bouquets. We’ve seen floral vendors breakthrough the typical to create the extraordinary for brides and we want the same for you. To spark your imagination, we have pulled the most creative bouquet styles from the past year and paired them with a hypothetical sappy love story below!



The Free Spirited Couple

This bouquet is for a couple that met serendipitously at a music festival in Nashville, and let’s just say it was love at first sight! From the second they met, they were attached at the hip and knew there was something more between them than a shared interest in country music. Next thing you know, they were making plans for the next day. Once she got home she told her family, “I think I met my future husband.” Turns out she was right!



The Fancy, Uptown Couple

These two met on the first day of college in English 101, while both actively avoiding awkward first-day-of-school conversations. They were complete opposites, but they both felt this unspoken connection. Falling in love with one another was effortless and before they knew it, four years had passed and they were just as smitten with one another. The rest as they say (no matter how cheesy it is), is history!



The Hometown Sweethearts

These newlyweds have known each other since they were in diapers! They spent years sharing secrets, supporting each other through tough breakups and never letting the other one go stag. Although their friends knew they were always meant to be and they both wanted more than a friendship, they were scared to take the leap. Their relationship eventually bloomed into something more their senior year of high school after the fate of going to different colleges instilled fear in them both. After committing to the University of Georgia, they couldn’t deny the spark they shared. We love a good friends-to-lover story!



The Elegant Elopment

These two have been dating long distance since meeting spontaneously at a college mixer and graduating honors! They both decided to further their education at different schools, but knew they had something worth holding on to. After so many days apart, they decided that they didn’t want to wait one more minute to plan a wedding. So, they eloped surrounded by their closest friends at their family’s beach home. It was their own perfect day!



The Summer Romance

 This couple met in the summer while on an Alaskan cruise. They became instant friends and their attraction was undeniable, but they knew the odds of being together after their vacation was not in their favor. In perfect fashion, they lived 45 minutes from each other and had simply never crossed paths until then. Talk about those odds and perfect timing! We like to call it fate!



The Mature Couple

These two met in passing every few months and although curious about each other, never found the right time to develop anything more than a friendship. Luckily, they reunited a little later in life, but were not living in the same area. As fate would have it, they later bumped into each other again at a college football game and decided it was time for their first date. As you can imagine, it was their last first date!



Meet Susan from Daly Floral Designs!

Based out of Summerfield, North Carolina, Daly Floral Designs is a floral company owned by our longstanding vendor Susan B. Daly! As a small business, they specialize in creative, high quality flower arrangements for all occasions. Susan has been around flowers her entire life, but only decided to become a florist once she moved to North Carolina. She originally grew up on a farm in Upstate New York where she grew gladiolus bulbs to sell and show in the county fair. Once she moved, she worked in various floral design positions, until realizing she could provide customers with a better product than the places she worked. In January 2019, she made the leap to run her own full time business!

Her business is centered around bringing unique floral pieces to life. To make your bouquet as unique as you, Susan enjoys finding flowers and greenery that are special and rarely found in typical arrangements or wedding bouquets. Each of the bouquets that she creates has a special touch because they all have a little piece of her in them. For example, Susan enjoys incorporating orbs into her designs because they represent an infinite flow of love and the circle of life.

We met our friend Susan at our Big Fake Wedding in Charlotte, where she was able to think outside of the box and challenge her creativity to create a unique and custom design. Susan says she never expected to create designs for many weddings, but opportunity fell in her lap and happened that way and we are so glad it did! Watch the video below for her take on alternative bridesmaid bouquets!


DIY Bridesmaid Bouquet with Susan Daly


A huge thanks to our remarkable team of vendors! 


Atlanta: Annelore’s Market

Birmingham: Athens Florist and Gifts

Charlotte: Daly Floral Designs

Orange County: Royal Bee Flower Co.


San Diego 2019: Wyld Blooms

San Diego 2020: Simply Adina Floral

Seattle: Jessica Vann-Campbell Flowers

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