I think we can all agree that life is a little sweeter when you have someone to rely on, cry with, someone who hypes you up and offers to do the things you simply hate to do! In the wedding world, we call this person an event coordinator. As coronavirus continues to change plans so many of you had in place, we feel it’s important to remind you that you don’t have to plan a wedding alone. Let someone who has spent years perfecting their craft (and navigating unprecedented times just like these) help so that you can enjoy your engagement season! Hear us out:


Five Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner Right Now


1. Leave it to the experts! Our wedding planners bring years of experience, as well as established relationships with vendors. Many are well-versed in planning weddings under various and sometimes complicated circumstances. Whether that may look like unpredictable weather conditions, a last-minute change in cocktails or a national pandemic! This alone simplifies set backs and the stress of rescheduling an event.


2. They understand wedding contracts and better yet, can translate them so you know what you are agreeing to. They are even equipped with apps, spreadsheets and software programs that automatically calculate when you need to sign something. You will never miss a deadline again!


3. On your wedding day, you want your mom to be your mom and your maid of honor to be your maid of honor! What we are trying to say is you want your friends and family to be present. You don’t want to look back and think, “My mom wasn’t there for my first look because the caterer wasn’t sure where to place the hors d’oeuvres.” Let your wedding planner be the point of contact so your closest friends and family can celebrate with you.


4. So, what if you have a tight budget? Let us put this into perspective! When you are building a house, there is a master contractor. They are in charge of making sure the electricity is finished before the walls are nailed in. They make sure the landscaping is finished after the roof has been installed and that every door is snug to their frame. If you are spending money on every element that goes into your home, wouldn’t you invest a little more to make sure it’s installed correctly? Day-of coordinators can monitor when certain moments of your wedding happen, so that you can walk into your reception right as the chorus drops!


5. Event, wedding and day-of coordinators are also small businesses. By supporting small, you are helping our economy flourish!


Meet Ashlynn from AshlynnEvents!


Based out of Pasadena, California, AshlynnEvents is a wedding coordination company owned by Ashlynn Cheung! Central to how she operates her business is her passion to bring your wedding vision to life. Keeping the attention on you, Ashlynn works to make your wedding a celebration that is truly all your own. Besides working in the wedding industry, she is also a makeup artist, a reflection of her love for aesthetics. She combines this creativity into her work as a wedding planner, crafting designs to delight. There are three different planning options that you can choose from at AshlynnEvents. They range from full-service planning to day-of coordination. No matter the package you choose, Ashlynn carefully considers your style and tastes. She then weaves these details together to create an event that fits you!


We wouldn’t be The Big Fake Wedding if we didn’t give you a sneak peek of what an event with Ashlynn would look like! Crystal and Danny reached out to AshlynnEvents hoping to highlight two venues. The 1909 and Mission San Fernando Rey de España were unique in their design and held personal value to the newlyweds. Their family members worked together to create cascading floral arrangements, incorporating pomegranates, for their table centerpieces. Captured by Mike Thezier Photography, you can see how Ashlynn brought together their culture, rustic tastes and the Los Angeles Dodgers!



We also recommend these two wedding coordinators from our vendor community!



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