Having a loved one officiate your ceremony is a growing trend among couples, one that may be particularly appealing to a bride moving forward with an alternative ceremony while social distancing! There are abundant benefits of having friends and family members carry out your ceremony: It can be more intimate, it eliminates the cost of hiring someone and the person you choose can speak to who you are as a couple.


Our friends at American Marriage Ministries have simplified the process of online ordination. So much so, they have ordained over 689,114 ministers across the United States who have officiated more than 250,000 wedding ceremonies!


Keep reading to learn a little more about American Marriage Ministries!



As a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, American Marriage Ministries is transparent about their mission.


“We believe that every couple has the constitutionally protected right to enter into the institution of marriage on their own terms, which includes the right to choose who performs their wedding ceremony.”


Over a decade ago, they realized there needed to be an alternative to other online churches and ordination services – and in 2009, American Marriage Ministries was founded!



There is no confusion about what they stand for: to celebrate love! They acknowledge that couples want officiants who are the most qualified to share their unique love story. As a result, couples (and their officiating friends) are utilizing American Marriage Ministries’ free ordination services to make sure they have someone who can officiate the kind of wedding they truly want.


They don’t just stop at free ordination! They empower wedding professionals and couples alike, by providing free online training tools and a variety of other resources. They ensure that officiants and couples work together to create personalized, meaningful ceremonies that will be treasured and remembered forever.



American Marriage Ministries has made the process as easy as a few clicks online. Take a look at their website, here!



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