We’re sure by now you’ve heard of The Enneagram, a wildly popular tool for understanding ourselves and others. If you’re new to this concept, The Enneagram Institute is a great resource for learning more!

We thought it would be fun (while everyone is doing a little more scrolling these days) to help you find your perfect engagement ring based on your Enneagram type! The best part? Every ring you’ll find below was crafted by local, small businesses that also happen to be Big Fake Wedding vendor alumni. So leave it to us, they are the best of the best!

If you connect with the pairing we’ve made for you, forward this link along to your boo for a nonchalant nudge 😉

Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring Based on Your Enneagram Type


Type 1 : The Reformer 


A Type One, known as The Reformer, is principled and purposeful. They are also known as being perfectionists. For this type we chose a clean-cut, solitaire diamond with no frills or extra ornamentation. Like the Type One, this ring is orderly and in high standards.

Delicate Solitaire | Great Heights

Oval Rose Gold | Joseph Jewelry 


Type 2 : The Helper


A Type Two, known as The Helper, is generous, empathetic and warm-hearted. However, they can also be overly-flattering and people-pleasing. They value closeness, family and sharing. For this type we chose rings that are symbolic of support and togetherness. Whether that includes a cluster or side diamonds, we feel these rings are representative of a Type Two’s desire to help those around them shine.

Side Flair Ring | Sarah O. 

Side Diamonds Ring | Sarah O. 

Victorian Diamond Cluster | Walton’s Jewelry


Type 3 : The Achiever 


A Type Three, known as The Achiever, is success-oriented and image-conscious. A typical Type Three can easily try to check off all the boxes every day, but will never measure up to the high standard they set for themselves. For this type we chose a halo and studded band – the ultimate eye-catcher! Much like a Three, this ring is sure to impress and catch your attention.

Emerald Halo | Tena’s Fine Diamonds 

Oval Cut Halo | Perry’s


Type 4 : The Individualist 


A Type Four, known as The Individualist, is expressive, sensitive and emotionally honest. At their best, they are highly creative. For this type we chose a one-of-a-kind, truly unique ring. This could be an opal, family heirloom or colored gemstone reflective of their individuality.

Starburst Halo | Sarah O. 

Vintage Yellow Diamond | Kendra Renee

Round Champagne | Sarah O. 


Type 5 : The Investigator 


A Type Five, known as The Investigator, is innovative and inventive. They are always searching, asking for answers and desiring to know how the world works. For this type we chose a non-traditional look: an east-west ring! Reminiscent of the 1920s, this trend is making a comeback in the new Roaring Twenties.

Pear East-West Ring | Shahla Karimi 

Third Eye | Esqueleto

Emerald Cut | Esqueleto 


Type 6 : The Loyalist 


A Type Six, known as The Loyalist, is responsible, committed and security-oriented. In times of stress, they can become cautious, suspicious and a bit anxious. For this type we chose a ring reflective of their responsible nature, nothing flashy or extravagant. Rather, a ring that is timeless and will keep its beauty through the test of time.

Grace Solitaire | LEL Jewelry


Rose Gold Classic Peak | Esqueleto


Type 7 : The Enthusiast 


A Type Seven, known as The Enthusiast, is optimistic, spontaneous and high-spirited. If they were a color, they would be yellow! Type Seven’s are characterized by wanting to have it all. They want to have their cake and eat it too. For this type we chose a ring that’s got it all going on: stacked bands with a high carat center stone.

Pear Double Band | Shahla Karimi

Lily Vintage Set | Great Heights

Stacked Rose Gold Set | Perry’s Diamonds


Type 8 : The Challenger 


A Type Eight, known as The Challenger, is decisive, powerful and confident. At their best they are protective and resourceful, but when stressed can become ego-centric and domineering. For this type, we chose a black center stone ring that is representative of the Eight’s commanding presence. This ring is sure to make a statement!

Bodacious Diamond Ring | Esqueleto

Black Hexagon | Sarah O.

Rough Oval Diamond | Sarah O Jewelry


Type 9 : The Peacemaker 


A Type Nine, known as The Peacemaker, is just as easy-going, reassuring and receptive as you might imagine. They are typically trusting and stable, but can try to keep the peace to a fault sometimes. Fellas, the good thing about Type Nines is that you truly can’t go wrong. They are incredibly easy to please. So for this type, we chose a ring everyone would love: the classic round halo.

Gold Round Halo | Smyth Jewelers

Hexagon Halo | Esqueleto

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