The Big Fake Wedding is turning 10 – can you believe it?! We are floored and honored to think about the 30,000 guests who have walked through our doors to be inspired, the 4,000+ small businesses that we have championed, and the story of 148 strong and healthy marriages that we have told. What a wild and crazy ride it has been. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re offering our brides and grooms to-be $10 off all tickets in 2019! Just use promo code “TENYEARS” at checkout! As for our stellar team of vendors, we’re offering 10% off your investment fee when you email and mention this promotion! Offer ends 12/12/18.

Now, take a stroll down memory lane with us!

10. When we had a Champagne Aerialist

I mean… Need we say more?! File this under: things we never thought we’d have at an event, but are SO glad we did. Thanks to Cirque Central and her impressive moves, this New York City event was truly one for the books!

9. When Gina + Edward Got Engaged

Gina and Edward actually participated in our 8th Atlanta event as a bridesmaid and groomsman – but little did Gina know, Edward had planned something huge with the featured couple and our staff. Edward surprised Gina with her dream proposal – a flash mob that ended with everyone pointing to her and Edward on one knee. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, we’re sure!

8. 2018: The Year of Giving Back

We were so thankful to be able to use a portion of our ticket sales this year to give back to the community. The Big Fake Wedding contributed to hurricane relief efforts for Raleigh + Savannah as well as an organization called Brides for a Cause in Seattle. Is there a better feeling than doing what you love and helping people along the way?!

7. That Time The Big Fake Wedding was on The Food Network!

Brb re-watching our clip on The Food Network’s Genius Kitchen for the next 3 days. We had a blast hosting these two at The Big Fake Wedding New York City last year!

6. When We Hosted at the Space Needle

Have an event inside a national landmark? Check. We’ll never be over that time we had an event in the top of The Space Needle, so we’re here to remind you all that it happened. The Big Fake Wedding bucket list thrives!

5. Our first ever REAL wedding

In 2015, we held our very first invitation-only event for media partners and wedding influencers called The Biggest Fake Wedding. Our founder, Callie, had a huge surprise up her sleeve that not even the staff were clued into. The vow renewal of Gina and Edward (who we mentioned before) was followed by the real wedding of McKenzie and Ben! Don’t worry – their closest family were in attendance, but do you know how much it thrilled our hearts to be a part of this surprise elopement!

4. When We Celebrated 100 Events

This was a big milestone for us, y’all. The Big Fake Wedding Raleigh 2016 marked 100 Big Fake Weddings. That’s over 20,000 guests who have walked through our doors to be inspired, over 3,000 vendors that we have promoted, and 100 strong and healthy marriages we have promoted.











3. Jennifer + Brian: The Surprise Wedding

By now, you already know how much we love surprises – so a surprise wedding pretty much made our little hearts explode. Jennifer and Brian were planning a wedding, but suddenly found out Brian was being transferred to Tokyo in June for work. They switched gears and began to plan to head to the courthouse. Jennifer mentioned how sad she was to miss the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle and to have that moment of Brian seeing her in a dress. Our founder, Callie, began reaching out to our Big Fake Wedding Family, and together they planned an amazing surprise wedding for these two!

2. When Our Marketing Director Got Engaged

For Johna and Freddy, it all started here at The Big Fake Wedding. Johna was attending the event at Monday Night Brewing with her friends who were wedding planning. Freddy had been asked to play the role as a groomsmen and quickly said yes. The two locked eyes on the dance floor (Don’t Stop Believing was playing) when Freddy asked her to dance. Fast forward to the next Big Fake Wedding Atlanta one year later when they were on a similar dance floor. The band asked Freddy to come up on stage in which he proceeded to serenade her. Though they met a fake wedding, Freddy got on one knee and asked Johna to plan a real one with him. Oh and did we mention Good Morning America was there to film it all?

1. Featured on The Today Show

This one might take the cake for the coolest experience of our BFW lives! We still get all giddy thinking about the morning that we sat on our living room couches and watched The Big Fake Wedding on national television! Forever thankful to The Today Show team for sharing with the nation about our little company! You can re-watch the clip here!

Thank you to everyone who has played a role, big or small. Now you’ll have to excuse us: we’ve got some birthday cake to eat!


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