Amy and Mike met during their college years in 1999 as youth camp counselors. The two were best friends first and then fell madly in love! They were married on March 18, 2000. After Amy survived a near-death experience, their marriage has endured all. With three kids and lots of adventures later, they will celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary this month.

We’re so excited for Amy and Mike to renew their vows Thursday night at The Big Fake Wedding Dallas! Read on for their wealth on wisdom on marriage.

What was the absolute best memory from your wedding day?

Looking into each others eyes, knowing we were becoming husband and wife, was priceless on our Wedding day. Taking this life journey together has been the best decision each of us could have made. The moment we said yes and committed to each other, Mike had a tear rolling down his cheek.

What inspires you about each other? 

There isn’t enough room to describe the inspiration we feel about each other. For me, I am most inspired by Mike’s dedication and love for me. He has held my hand, held me, held my heart, in my greatest moments and in my hardest moments. Through everything, his love has never wavered, nor diminished, but instead has deepened for me through these years. He has always inspired me to be a better person, just by knowing him. He has the greatest heart of compassion for people all around him. He is the most gifted teacher, speaker, and individual. He has the capacity to influence, lead, and literally change people’s lives. He is my greatest inspiration out of anyone I know. I will share a window into our marriage by sharing part of Mike’s recent letter to me on my birthday this year in February.  This sums up his feelings. “Amy, you are the most important woman ever born to this earth for me! I really mean it, when I say that this day is the most important day in the year, to me. You are my whole world and I love you passionately! …I will safeguard your right and deserved ability to Dream Big! I will stand with you and shoot for the stars and even if you hit the moon, you WILL be accomplishing what so many say is not possible and out of this world. You have so many “ashes from the past” and YOU, my LOVE, my PHOENIX, will RISE from the so-called ‘impossible dysfunction’ and ‘ashes’. In other words, I will hold your hand, love you, hold you tight, cry with you, empathize with you, celebrate with you, tease you, push you harder, and support everything you desire, so that you will be transcendent and conquer the so-called impossible! Amy, I believe in you! I admire you! I am forever thankful you were born and came into this world. You are my whole world! You are so pretty, smart, fun, witty, loving, and authentically AMAZING in every way! Honestly, there has never been, nor will there ever be another you! And I have the absolute highest honor of being yours and you being mine, as husband and wife! ….Oh, how deeply and intensely I love you, ALWAYS!”

What is the most awesome thing about your marriage? 

We laid a foundation in the very beginning days of our engagement that we would not have an exit plan for our marriage. Instead, we choose to be married forever through all types of “weather.” Through rain or shine, we commit to each other over and over again each year, each month, each week, each day to love, respect, appreciate, encourage, trust, give, be loyal to each other, and feed this marriage. It wasn’t an option for us to have a mediocre marriage and connection to one another. We believe in one another and adore each other. From the beginning, it was our dream and aspiration to be one and united as a couple in every way- our life mission, our dreams, our plans, our family life, our present, our future. We dream together, we look towards our shared future-together. We create synergy as a couple. We knew our marriage would be everything we put into it- our whole selves, our whole heart…To be each others everything, we give each other our everything, and always have!

What advice would you give an engaged couple?

Our advice would be to do everything in your power to be one with each other, in every way, about everything. This does not mean you have to agree about everything. Agree or disagree, it means that you are united in everything. It’s always more important to be unified than to be right in marriage. Start now to lay the foundation for not just any marriage, but a healthy, happy one. The difference between a happy couple and an unhappy couple is that the happy couples learn how to FULLY resolve their conflict. That is key to a successful marriage. Go to classes, read books, go to marriage seminars, every year. Treat your relationship, like a living, and breathing, powerful thing that needs constant food and nourishment. Create an intense and clear circle of loyalty around the two of you! This circle is your own safe place as a couple, where friends, extended family, and other people are not invited. It’s yours, and yours alone, where together as a couple you build trust, connection, loyalty, and the utmost love and respect for one another. Celebrate each other, believe in each other, be each others biggest fan, transition in the big crossroads of life (tragedy, job changes, kids, etc.) together, learn each others love language and speak it, be selfless with maturity, admit when you are wrong, and apologize quickly, when you disagree and have conflict- learn to give each other the benefit of the doubt, learn to FLY together! See, that marriage now, becomes “Us” and “we” instead of “I” and “me.” Learn to take the failures and turn them into victories! Become best friends and laugh A LOT! Keep your marriage your number one priority above everything else! Figure out how to have an incredible sex life where there is celebration, connection, selflessness, and communication. Last, but not least, unlock the incredible power of belief in your marriage. Believe that it can be done to have an amazing, healthy, happy, marriage that is the best possible. The world is often against marriage in culture trends, attitudes, and movements, and for some past marriages have failed or upbringing has brought unique challenges to a future marriage. Believe you can rise above it as a couple and surpass any challenge or trend, and become a happy, healthy, lasting, powerful marriage that can endure everything and thrive in love, always!

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