We pride ourselves in hosting one-of-a-kind events that serve the purpose of inspiring brides and grooms-to-be for their big day! In order to have a team of 30+ vendors with multiple event designers, it’s our job to make sure everyone is on the same page. For each event, we give the vendor team an inspiration board to model their designs around so that every event  is cohesive and tells a story. Ever wonder about how these inspiration boards are created? Now is your chance to find out!

Step 1 : Concept

This year, we brought back Big Fake Wedding alumna, Ashley Buzzy McHugh, to conceptualize and design the inspiration boards. Ashley was on the team in the early NotWedding days so she knows the brand through and through. She has developed some gracefully beautiful boards – everything from Beyonce inspired to Farm to Table.  We are excited to have her work her magic into the event designs this year!

Step 2 : Compile Photography + Artwork

After the concept is in order, the next step is sourcing photos that perfectly embody the inspiration. A big thanks to our friends and past vendors for allowing us to use your work to create these masterpieces.

A shoutout to our photographer friends: Kaitie Bryant, Kayla Johnson, Haley Sheffield, Maria Lamb, and Sterling Graves just to name a few, as well as artists like Brynn W. Casey, Ashley Woodson Bailey, and Ali Makes Things for bringing these concepts to life.

Step 3 : Assign to the Events

After we have our curated boards, we then decide where to assign each board. As a team, we evaluate the time of year, venue aesthetic, and the city vibe to find the best inspiration for each event.


Thanks to everyone who played a role in this labor of love!  To the amazing artists and photographers, our insanely creative designer, our vendors from The Big Fake Wedding family –  we can’t wait to see these inspiration boards come alive all across the country!

Want to help us make these dreamy inspiration boards a reality? Apply here to join the party as a vendor!

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