Bobby and Julie met in college when she was a sophomore and he was a freshman. Julie was a resident assistant at the dorm Bobby lived in. Funny enough, Julie asked permission to date Bobby! From the start, they had extremely supportive friends and family. They dated for four years before becoming engaged and were married in 2008 in Rochester, NY. They relocated to North Carolina a year later, and since then have been blessed with two little ones! We’re so happy to celebrate Julie + Bobby at The Big Fake Wedding Raleigh! 

What advice would you give an engaged couple?

From her: Planning a wedding requires a huge commitment as every bride wants their day to be perfect! After all the months of planning and hoping for the best, our wedding came together beautifully. Some advice I received from my mother before the wedding was to take a step back during the reception and just take in everything around me. Not realizing the power of this, I was pulled to the side, took a deep breath and was able to look at all the amazing decorations, floral arrangements, crazy dancing, laughing and the true joys people experienced while sharing in our special day. Often, we’re so engrossed in the wedding process and making sure everything is right that we don’t have time to “stop and smell the roses”. This was the best part, aside from actually marrying my amazing husband!


What is the best gift you have ever given each other?

From her: The best gift I have ever received from Bobby is not necessarily any one specific thing. I was given a gift the day I met him. He gave me the promise of an amazing future with laughter and fun, he gave me his word that he would always stay by my side no matter the struggles we would face, he blessed me with the most beautiful children I ever could have imagined, and the promise that we would always be a team and support each other in our dreams.


What inspires you about each other?

From him: Julie inspires me each and every single day. Her strength, commitment, and willingness to help others are such wonderful qualities that get overshadowed by her seemingly natural and innate abilities to be a perfect mother. I think we would both agree that the best gift we have received were our two children. We are so fortunate to have healthy and happy children that keep us young at heart, full of laughter, love, and emotion.


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