Arrington and Clay first met five years ago at a basketball finals party. Clay had just moved to Birmingham two days prior. While watching the game, their mutual friend announced that his friend Arrington from high school was coming over to which Clay responds, “Well since she is a girl, do you think she will bring cookies?” A moment later, Arrington walks in the door with cookie mix in hand to the room erupting in laughter. She then met the man she would gladly make cookies for… for the rest of her life! 

We’re so excited to celebrate these two tomorrow night at The Big Fake Wedding Birmingham!

What was the most unique part of your engagement story?

A few weeks before we got engaged I had been reading in scripture where Jesus washes the disciples feet. I had been praying and thinking about how neat it would be for Clay and I to wash each others feet as a display of our commitment to serve each other. I never voiced this to Clay, but moments before proposing Clay washed my feet as display of servant leadership and just like Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. This is how he desired to lead our marriage and he has done an excellent job of living that out. So neat to see how God works even in the smallest details of a proposal.




What advice would you give an engaged couple?

My advice for an engaged couple would be to soak up every moment of this journey. It is such a fun time in life and it flies by! Go to premarital counseling and have fun with it! On the day of the wedding make sure to slow down to take in every detail of the day! I would relive my wedding day in slow motion everyday if I could!



Photo Credit:
Lacey Dellapace (1, 2, 3) 

The Big Fake Wedding Birmingham is completely SOLD OUT! If you missed out, we invite you to join us at another one of our events – check out the rest of our 2016 schedule here.

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