Hashtags, GeoFilters, wedding websites : it’s no doubt that new tech tools are taking the wedding industry by storm. The good news for brides is that a lot of tools are free and easy to use. We invited Lindsay, of Wild Lily Events, on the blog today to share with us really simple ways to incorporate fun tech into your wedding! We recently had the pleasure of working with Lindsay at The Big Fake Wedding New England, and we’re thrilled to have her as a blog guest today!

Wild Lily Events is a boutique wedding and event consultancy in Boston specializing in designing and planning experiences of all sizes. Lindsay Zalasky is the Owner and Lead Consultant of Wild Lily Events. After spending over ten years working on events in the advertising and marketing industry, Lindsay decided to start her own business focused on her favorite type of event: weddings! Wild Lily Events loves to help couples cultivate a unique look and feel for their wedding, customizing services to fit. 

Ridiculously Easy DIY Wedding Tech You Can Use Today

The tech scene moves fast, and wedding tech is no exception. Follow these four ridiculously easy steps to take the guesswork out of DIY-ing your dream wedding:

1. Get yourself organized. Organization is SO important when it comes to planning a wedding. Before you can say, “I do,” you’ll need to make dozens of lists, ceremoniously check all the checkboxes, and set countless reminders. Keeping all of this information in one place is key to making sure it doesn’t spiral out of control. There are several solutions out there, but my personal favorite is Quip. Simply put, Quip makes organization effortless (and looks flawless in the process). With desktop, tablet and mobile versions, you can access, edit and share your documents anywhere. Check!


2. Bring your wedding website into the 21st century. There are so many wedding planning sites that offer website building tools now. Most of them offer limited customization and clunky templates, leaving your website design a little…wanting. Why not create your own website (no coding necessary!) with a modern design that can be completely tailored to your taste. Squarespace offers more than fifty beautiful templates that will delight you and your guests. The admin tools are easy to use and the monthly fee is more than reasonable.


3. Create the mother of all wedding registries. Registering for wedding gifts is fun for you, but it’s not always easy for your guests. It’s time to fix that with an all-encompassing registry like Zola or Newlywish. These apps let you add your favorite brands in one place so you get the gifts you want. You can also add cash and honeymoon fund options. Amazon Wedding Registry is another great way to keep it simple and take advantage of a much larger selection of brands and products.

4. Design your own wedding logo. I know you probably saw the word design and gasped, but with Tailor Brands you can create your own wedding brand without doing any of the work. Just answer a few questions about your style, and voila, you’ll have a custom logo that’ll set your wedding apart.

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