Mandy and Justin met in South Jersey, and it was love at first sight. They dated for about a year and a half before getting married in June 2012. They are now living just outside of Atlantic City with two little ones. We are so excited to celebrate these two Monday night at The Big Fake Wedding New York City, presented by BRIDES!  

What was the most unique part of your engagement story?

The restaurant was closed on the lake that Justin was going to propose at, but convinced me to stay and watch the sunset over the water and then he asked me to marry him!

What was the absolute best memory from your wedding day?

When Justin picked me up and carried me to the getaway car as husband and wife!


What inspires you about each other?

Her: He inspires me by how smart and intelligent he is especially about the Bible (He is literally a closet genius)

Him: I’m inspired by how she parents our children.

What is the best date you have ever had?

Our best date we ever had was probably our first date. Dinner and a movie, simple but perfect! So much fun and the most memorable. 


What advice would you give an engaged couple?

Our advice is to DATE, DATE, DATE! Spend as much time going out on dates and enjoy really getting to know each other and spend money on each other. Once married life with bills and kids come along it’s a lot harder to make that special time for each other! Also keeping God as the center of your relationship is 100% key!


The Big Fake Wedding NYC is completely SOLD OUT! If you missed out, we invite you to join us at another one of our events – check out the rest of our 2016 schedule here.

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