Travis and Kristy met in the fall of their freshmen year of college at a bonfire. For Travis, it was love at first sight. For Kristy, not so much. They became very close friends during the next two years by being involved with a college ministry, Cru. At the start of junior year, Travis mustered up the courage to ask Kristy on a date in which she replied with a “maybe.” Kristy loved their friendship and didn’t want to ruin a good thing. However, over time Kristy agreed to go on a date with Travis. It wasn’t too long before they both realized this was “the one” and that they’d be best friends for life! Travis and Kristy got married in August 2012 in Arlington, Ohio. Now they both work together for Cru, serving alongside college students.  

We are so excited to celebrate these two at The Big Fake Wedding Columbus. We hope you can join us this week at our first ever Ohio event!


What inspires you about each other?  
Kristy: Our love story from the start has been a story of pursuit. Travis was dedicated to me even when I showed no signs of returning the sentiment. I have never felt so cared for, so adored. And to this day, those feelings have just intensified. What I love most about Travis is his pursuit for the Lord. His love for Jesus is crazy attractive. He’s a fantastic leader, encourager and husband.  

Travis: Kristy continually challenges me to dream big, live adventurously, and is always encouraging me toward positivity. She is by far the most gracious, sweet, and caring person I know and her love for God and for others is contagious and inspires me daily!  


What was the most unique part of our engagement story?  
The year before Travis and I started dating, he took a year off of dating to focus on his relationship with the Lord. During that time, he’d write letters to his future wife. On the day he proposed, he took me to a park and gave me a journal, full of these letters. He pulled out one letter in particular that talked about the future and how much he couldn’t wait for the adventure ahead with me. It was beautiful and so sweet!  I also lost my voice shortly after the proposal because I was so excited. Travis had invited all of our friends and family to a friend’s house to celebrate but I could barely speak. Just lots smiles and hugs 🙂  


What is the best date you have ever had?  
For our first anniversary we wanted to do something big so we saved a little extra money and took a 3 day trip to Chicago and had an entire date weekend. We took in all the sights, ate amazing food, went to a Cubs game, even kayaked the Chicago River. To top it all off, we had an incredibly romantic dinner on our anniversary at a restaurant on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building overlooking the city.  


What is the best gift you have ever given each other?
Our first nice camera! We’re both big on storytelling and during our first year of marriage, we decided to invest in a nice camera to take pictures and video of our life, our friends, and our adventures. Kristy really got into it and now does a lot of photo and video work for our ministry with Cru. What started as just a small hobby has turned into a big part of life through which we can share our own life and help tell the stories of so many others around us!


Photo Credits:
Mary Kathryn Hartman (2, 5) 

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