If you’re wondering if hiring a coordinator is in the budget, Danielle from One Fine Day is here to give you a push in the right direction. We’re thrilled to have them as our day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Dallas! 

One Fine Day started in 2002 as a way for brides to get the help of advisors to be guided through wedding planning and day-of logistics. Whether it’s a corporate gala for 300 or an intimate gathering of 30, they not only coordinate, decorate and collaborate with clients and vendors, but create a calm and loving environment. They do their very best to give each couple exactly what they want, within their budget, with as few compromises as possible. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner

1. Friends and family are not a substitute for a professional wedding planner.
Family and friends are overjoyed to share in the special moments that weddings bring for the newly wed couple. The wedding party you selected represents parts of your lives together and those starring in the roles of your attendants are honored to stand beside you. If asked to assist in the transformation of a blank venue to your wedding vision they would be there, but their hearts want to be with you and not carrying flower vases full of sloshing water. A wedding planner and her team are there to relieve your family of this responsibility so they can spend that time celebrating the couple and the journey they are beginning. At the end of the night, cleaning up is one of the important parts of the process and if not done in a timely manner can cost the paying client extra fees for extended times.

2. You need to hire vendors you can trust.
Having an experienced coordinator who has worked with the vendors you are considering is important to establishing the reliability of the companies and how they will preform the day of your event. If the price is too good to be true, you may suffer through your event with a vendor who is new to the industry without the experience or professionalism you are wanting.


3. Someone to create schedules and timelines.
Planning the wedding day logistics for your wedding party is a time-consuming process, but adding in the schedules for all of your vendors can be overwhelming when you are not there to confirm their arrival. A wedding planner knows the appropriate amount of time to plan for dinner service and keeping the event running smoothly for the guests and wedding party despite unforeseen circumstances.

4. A venue’s “wedding planner” isn’t really your wedding planner.
Many venues have an onsite coordinator who is responsible for the wedding, but is not there to help you setup or breakdown after your event. They can provide you with a preferred vendor list but will not set the appointments to meet them based on your schedule or be there to go over questions you might have for vendors. A professional planner is an advocate for their client and is there through the entire planning process.


5. Help figuring out a realistic budget.
There are a multitude of wedding line items and services to choose from and hundreds of vendors for each one to find the best deal. Securing a minor detail first can result in paying more for the things you really wanted in the end. Hiring someone skilled at pinpointing the details that reflect the couple will keep you focused sorting through wedding extras to find the important pieces to book first and what a reasonable cost for those services would look like.

6. Don’t have time to plan your wedding.
Full-time students, employees or families can find it difficult to set aside time for research and contract reviewing. There may be many ideas you want to incorporate, but without the advice of a trusted professional you can find yourself overextending your time, money or resources. Hiring a qualified planner will streamline the planning process and give you time to focus on creating your wedding ideas while enjoying your engagement.


7. Available to handle any crisis.
Sometimes a serious situation can occur and you need a level-headed and resourceful thinker to troubleshoot the problem with out disrupting the festivities in the process. Having a team of assistants standing by to retrieve and return with needed supplies prevents you from asking a guest or close family member to step away from the party.

8. Tricky family dynamics to navigate.
Aunt Margie knows exactly what to say to elicit the guilt response regarding the guest list and who you have invited. Having a trusted outside source to stay calm and firm in the decisions that have been made in the midst of family emotions is a valuable resource during the planning process and preventing musical chairs the day of your event.


9. You can’t be in two places at once.
When you preview your wedding photos, the backdrop of your first look should not be set as the loading dock while you went through the check list of hors d’oeurves that arrived. Someone who is familiar with contracts and the banquet event order should be the one responsible for receiving the deliveries and verifying the correct elements are in place. Your wedding party and family are there to support you and share in those pre-ceremony events.

10. You should be 100% present for your wedding day.
If you are preoccupied with when the cake cutting will take place, you are not focusing on what you are doing at that moment. This is an occasion that does not get a do-over, so let someone else worry about setting up the grand exit while you and your spouse experience every instant of your celebration.

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