We know you’ve heard of a wedding coordinator, but what about a wedding coach?! Imagine someone who takes you by the hand and leads you through the confusing, messy process of planning a wedding. Here’s where Laurel Avenue comes in. We’re so excited to introduce them as our day-of coordinator team for The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta!  They are taking over the blog today to show us how hiring a coordinator is like getting a personal assistant, cheerleader, and best friend all-in-one.

Their team is spread across the Southeast, so no matter where you are – they’ve got you covered. The L.A. team is made up of owner Elena Balkcom (GA), Kaley Wallace (FL), and Michaela Pollock (TN).  Their days consist of keeping up with super sweet brides, snacking during Google hangouts, and dreaming up ways to best encourage their lovely couples.

Why Hiring a Coordinator is the Best Decision You’ll Make

We offer two services: coaching and coordinating. Coaching is a monthly meeting or phone call where your L.A. coach assesses where you and your fiancé are in the planning process.   Additionally, we are available throughout the month to address any questions by email.  During the calls, we answer style questions, give referrals, make suggestions, and help our brides pace the planning process.

We created coaching, so you won’t find it anywhere else!  Specifically, our coaching clients are gals who like getting plans in place and are tired of googling “cheap wedding vendors”.  Just one session early in your engagement can save hundreds in the overall wedding budget since we are committed to sending you to vendors who will honor your finances and the vision for your day.  You can book coaching with or without coordinating.

Coordinating involves managing the day of the wedding and making sure Mama doesn’t miss the cake cutting, the band arrives on time, and the confetti exit goes off without a hitch.


If you or your fiancé are on the fence about needing a day of coordinator or you aren’t sure if you would truly benefit from a month of coaching, here are our favorite ways to help our couples!

1. Enjoying the day you planned
We take care of all the details and make sure the entire day runs smoothly. Our brides and grooms aren’t worried that the florist has a flat tire and needs help getting to the venue on time or how to keep the cake cool when it’s 100 degrees outside.  We are creative problem solvers by trade, so their only focus is getting married and enjoying the much anticipated day.


2. Taking the torch
The whole month of the wedding, we have constant communication running with our couples. This ensures we are taking care of any last minute song changes, vendor arrival times, and even making sure the bridal suite has monogrammed bottled water. This assures our brides have less of a mundane to-do list and more of an “I’m getting married, yay!” list.

2016-08-11_00023. Coaching + Coordinating + Cheerleading
Not only are we coaches and coordinators…but add cheerleaders to the list! Our duos of the day always know we are their biggest fan. Whether that means being encouraging while making rain plans or keeping them motivated while asking questions about table seating, we take confetti and high-fives seriously around here.


Wondering where the name comes from?

Laurel: a plant whose leaves never wilt; biblically, it represents eternity.
Avenue:  a representation of a journey.
Altogether, Laurel Avenue is descriptive of the journey to spending eternity. Weddings are an earthly reflection of the day that we, the church, will be married to the bridegroom, Jesus, the day that marks spending eternity with Him.

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