Trying to decide where to cut corners on your wedding day budget? Before you put your photographer on coordinator duty or assign your bridesmaids to clean up crew, we’ve got some advice on the blog today on keeping your wedding guests happy! Meet our day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Lexington – Lyndsey and Betsy are the dynamic duo of Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass. They’ve got the do’s and don’ts of etiquette elegance!

In the beautiful bluegrass region of Lexington, Kentucky, Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass offers full and partial planning and coordination services, event design, and priceless advice.  Their company caters to the trendy, style savvy, yet budget conscious client. They are dedicated to making every event Planned to Perfection!

Etiquette Elegance: Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping Wedding Guests Happy

Weddings are a unique celebration–one that is planned, executed, and organized by the host and hostess. New trends, modern style, budget, and even traditions are constantly evolving. Some things, however, never change. Grace, elegance, and thoughtfulness at a wedding will never go out of style. Here are just a few tips on keeping your guests happy, comfortable, and entertained.

Don’t ask your guests to move chairs. To save on costs, sometimes couples will ask their guests to move chairs from the ceremony site to the reception. Remember that folks have arrived at your wedding dressed their best. Asking them to move chairs in a suit or heels can be awkward for them, and you. Try to budget for two sets of chairs, or ask your venue to have this service done for you.

Don’t expect your vendors to pull double duty–your photographer is not a wedding coordinator. The DJ is not a bartender. Your guests deserve the best performance from your vendors, and they each have a unique role to fill on your wedding day.

Do allow ample time to bustle your wedding dress. Depending on the length of your gown, number of layers, and type of fabric, bustling can take up to 20 minutes! The longer you are delayed from the reception, the longer it takes for food to be served and the party to begin.


Don’t ask your bridal party to be your cleaning crew. Arguably, the people making up the bridal party are your most honored guests. Don’t ask them to clean up after your co-workers, neighbors, and elementary school acquaintances.

Do remember to have food, drink, and entertainment for guests during cocktail hour or other downtime. No one wants to be hot, hungry, or bored.

Do save seats for your family and bridal party at the reception. At the end of your ceremony, you will want to snap some photographs with close family and the bridal party. Even if you have a photo session prior to your ceremony, there are always cousins, great-grandparents, nephews, or great aunts who were not early to the party. Your bridal party may not enter the reception until you have formally announced them. Ensure you have enough seats, or have a seating chart, for anyone who may not arrive at the reception on time.


Don’t take away cell phones. Jailing cell phones as been seen as a great way to keep social media posts and smartphone photographers at bay. However, people tend to frown upon you taking away their phone. Instead, place a sign or put a message on your programs about those early posts to social media and phone snaps.

Do remember to feed your guests! Whether a morning wedding with a brunch reception or an afternoon nuptial with dinner reception, you’ll need to provide food and drinks for your guests. Happy guests are comfortable, joyful, and full! Late night snacks are always appreciated as well.

Do consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. Remembering all these do’s and dont’s can be overwhelming. Hiring someone who professionally coordinates weddings will ensure wedding events run seamlessly while you remain relaxed and able to enjoy your guests and special day.

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