Happy Friday, everyone! We want to take a minute to introduce you to Josey, our girl boss day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Minneapolis-St. Paul! Josey is a part of the team at Sixpence Events & Planning, and we’re thrilled to have her appearance on the blog today. Josey loves creating unique, personalized events, so she is sharing with us seven fun details to incorporate into your wedding!

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7 Wedding Details for your Wedding

Hello Big Fakers! Er, hello Big Fake Weddingers – wedding goers? Fake honored guests? Whoever you are and why ever you are reading this blog post, welcome and hello. As the coordinator for this year’s Minneapolis-St. Paul Big Fake Wedding – which is actually in beautiful Stillwater – I am very interested in the all of the little details. Well, not just the little ones, the big ones and the bright ones, the DIY ones and the expensive ones. Basically I care about it all.

I’m always featuring venue details and vendor details on my blog post, #SixpenceStandard, but I think it’s high time I focus on wedding ceremony and reception details. Those things that can be implemented practically no matter who you are or where you get married. Because these details are universal, all you need is a wedding and people at said wedding. Also it’d be good to have flowers, tables, wedding rings, you know, the basics.

1. Personalized centerpieces

Whether it’s with photos of you and your spouse-to-be OR tiny figurines that represent your relationship. I’ve seen running race bibs and CD covers. Don’t just stop at your initials carved into wood or embossed on paper, push yourself to take the opportunity to show your guests a little more about you and your fiance. Being an only child, I have a strong sense of self. Thus I  presumed that everyone would enjoy seeing photos of me and my husband at different life stages (mostly under the age of 10, I know, how adorable) amongst our centerpiece collection. People did enjoy them, I was right.

2. Something old that is something meaningful

Grandmas are the perfect resource for this detail, even moms are sure to have an old framed photo, or a handkerchief, or a piece of jewelry. You can wear your something old, put it in your bouquet, or sew it into your dress. For my own wedding my mom reconstructed her veil for mine and deconstructed my mother-in-law’s veil for my wedding dress sash.

3. Blossoms that blow your mind.

Do you have a favorite flower? First you need to make sure you are getting married when they are in season, or, before determining the flowers you want in your bouquet, check what’s in season when you are getting married (genius!). I suggest the latter, 1) because otherwise your hoped for flowers will be out of your budget because you’ll have to ship them in from the remote Orcas Island (only remote if you, like me, have relocated from Washington to Minnesota). And 2) that way you don’t have to delete a bunch of unrealistic pins from your wedding board. Next, I really suggest being smart about who you hire for florals. Think quality vs. cost. Yes, flowers can be expensive, but there usually is a reason, and not one to be ignored. Especially because ordinarily you do not get a trial bouquet like you would a trial makeup run. Check out Blommönster or Bel Fiore. Fancy names and fancy florists.


4. Perfume

To be spritzed every year on your anniversary, this one is a must. That way those sweet smells you savored all day long on your wedding day can be used to retrieve wonderful memories for years to come. It’s science, y’all.

5. Ring photos

Weddings are expensive, let’s not pretend that they aren’t. But really the ring, a major lifetime investment piece, gets a bit neglected, doesn’t it, should I add, a few more commas, to this sentence? We might take a photo once when we get engaged, and maybe snap a few the day of, but usually your ring is more expensive than your dress and I think we can both agree that you get a LOT of photos of your dress. So, let’s get more than a few snapshots of the ring, okay?

6. Capturing those crazy dance moves

The whole day is filled with nerves and excitement, but once everyone is fed and satiated, once the toasts have been given and the music begins – well, then it is time to let loose, take out a few bobby pins, kick off your shoes and dance. And you will want to capture those wild and crazy, lovely, care-free moments. You will. You really will.

7. Succulents

I really think it’s difficult to say plants are in or out of trend. Mother nature, after all, won’t ever go out of style. However, that being said, succulents are really the bomb dot com right now. They are adorable as favors and as centerpieces, in bouquets and in floral crowns. Be sure to go through a floral wholesaler if this is your intent because they can get costly, oh yes, indeed.
Whatever details you choose for your wedding day, just be sure to make them personal, make them yours, make them about you AND your fiance. Because the idea is to only get married once, and you don’t want it to be a wedding that means nothing to you or has nothing about you in it.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

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