We’re so excited to introduce you to Melissa Shaw with m.social, our featured day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Boulder! Melissa is such an intentional coordinator, and loves to really get to know her clients before setting foot at the wedding. So today, Melissa is sharing with us tips for creating an event reflective of the couple. Read on for 5 questions to ask to get to know your clients!


Clients ask me what I love most about wedding planning.  The answer?  Our passion is for people & experiences.  There’s no better feeling than feeling the bliss of our clients as a result of our high-level service.  How do we do this?  We believe the best relationships, professional & personal, start with great friendships.  The first time we meet, let’s meet outside the office – a more relaxed environment allows us to get to know the quirks & personalities of our clients.  We then infuse these details into events with fresh ideas & personalized decor.  Here are the top 5 details we’re interested in getting to know about you, to help us create your uniquely tailored event.

1. Tell us about you and your fiance – how you met, what a typical Friday night is like, the types of movies you watch.  Help us imagine the two of you in your daily lives, as a beautiful couple in love!


2. What is your personal style? An insight into your fashion sense or style at home or even your emotional style gets our creative juices flowing!


3. What are your favorite foods?  They say you are what you eat, right?  There are so many creative, playful options for food – let’s see how we can incorporate your favorites at your wedding.


4. Where do you or would you like to travel – near or far?  We specialize in destination events.  Maybe there’s a city or venue special to you – we either want to bring aspects of these travels to your wedding or travel with you, back to those places!


5. Tell us what you don’t you don’t like about weddings?  Your dislikes are just as important as your likes.  We want to avoid large centerpieces, long ceremonies, and cash bars if those items top your list of wedding complaints!

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