We are thrilled to introduce our featured day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Virginia Beach, Crystal of Cherry Blossom Planning Factory! Crystal is an absolute boss when it comes to wedding planning, so asking her to contribute to our day-of coordinator blog series was a no-brainer. Today, Crystal is letting our readers know what they should bring to a wedding show. Enjoy!

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Four Things You Need to Bring to a Wedding Show


The right friend. Going to a wedding show is a lot of fun, even for the anti-bride. It’s a whole mall of vendors and ideas complete with champagne stops along the way. You want to make sure you’re in good company though, so choose your partner in crime wisely. If your fiance/e just can’t stomach the idea of something else wedding-related, give them a free pass and bring your BFF instead. Or maybe you need an activity to do with you future mother-in-law? Any one of your shopaholic buddies would feel right at home at a wedding show, too.


Labels. So many vendors are going to ask you the same questions over and over again. When are you getting married? Where are you getting married? How many guests are you expecting? What is your blood type? Instead of filling out the same info form after form, come ready with some pre-made labels. You can just slap one on there along with your contact info and keep the good times rolling! 


A full stomach. To maximize your time and meet the best vendors possible for your wedding, you need to bring your A game and be ready to socialize. Smiling and shaking hands with strangers is hard to do if you’re hangry, so be sure to eat a good breakfast or lunch before you head out. Most wedding shows have caterers that offer samples which will keep your blood sugar up throughout the day.


A notebook. Or the notes app, either one works! You’re going to inundated with ideas and potential vendors and it will be hard to remember who was your favorite as your staring into your bag of business cards. After the champagne buzz has worn off, you can refer to your notes and follow-up with your faves.

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