“I was a newlywed, first time mom, and baker with a dream of being able to put smiles on faces with custom edible art.” Guys, you’re going to love this one. We’re not totally sure how Kailyn of Get Caked does it, but we are so very glad that she does – and so are our tastebuds. Intricate, delicious, customizable, and versatile, Kailyn’s creations include everything from towering cakes to personalized cookies. What makes this small business even “sweeter” (no pun intended) is that Kailyn makes a connection with each and every client, and is motivated by their happiness. It was truly a pleasure having Get Caked at The Big Fake Wedding Houston, and we can’t wait to see/sample what they come up with next.

“It’s not every Big Fake Wedding that an enormous dessert display is completely empty in 10 minutes flat. That’s the Get Caked effect: super yummy + pretty desserts of every kind (and we do mean EVERY).” – The Big Fake Wedding Houston



Tell us a little bit about the story of Get Caked.
In 2013, I found I was pregnant with my first. I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, yet had a vision of owning my own business. A custom cakery came to mind. I had already had about 7 years of experience in caking, after creating a (very) small business my junior year in high school and then working as cake decorator at a local bakery. It was a fun hobby that turned into my passion and Get Caked was born! I was a newlywed, first time mom, and baker with a dream of being able to put smiles on faces with custom edible art. Now, my son is a year and a half old (busy little boy), my husband is my strongest supporter and biggest fan, and Get Caked is growing to be bigger than I had ever imagined!


Who or what inspires you?
There are so many things that inspired what I do. Family, fashion, and other local bakers really keep my creative juices flowing and help me to achieve new, sometimes nerve wracking goals and technique.


Describe Get Caked in five words or less.
A trendy custom cakery built on client connection and integrity.


What is the “sweetest” part of your job (other than taste tests!)?
The “sweetest” part of designing custom confections would be the reactions of my clients when they see the very thing that they had envisioned! Establishing a strong, reliable connection with our clients is the foundation Get Caked is built on. Knowing that they leave with a smile on their faces is what keeps us going. Making the world a little sweeter, one cake at a time! 


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
The Big Fake Wedding is so much more than a vendor opportunity. It’s a time to connect with other wedding vendors, building relationships that go far beyond one event. Many if the other vendors I met have very quickly become more than just a recommendation, we have created a friendship. We believe in each other and want to see each other succeed!

Photo Credits:
The Light Co. Photography (1) | Personal (2, 4 + 5) | Kristen Curette Photography (3)


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