Originally created to make farm-to-table dining more accessible to the consumer and more profitable for the producer, Farm Burger has quickly become so much more. Now with restaurants in Asheville, Atlanta, and San Francisco, as well as a full-service catering operation, this small business continues to dream big. Farm Burger’s recipe for success not only includes high quality and crave-worthy food, but exceptional customer service as well. Working with their fun and friendly staff at The Big Fake Wedding Asheville was almost better than the food itself! (Keyword almost.) We are thrilled to share more about the wonderful folks of Farm Burger below!

“Farm Burger has such unique and delicious catering options well beyond burgers, and their staff is an absolute blast to work with!” – The Big Fake Wedding Asheville Team



Tell us a little bit about the story of Farm Burger.
Farm Burger is a neighborhood burger joint defined by its mission, its farms, its team, and its family. We depend on local farmers, ranchers and land stewards to make your burger as good as it is. From our beef to our tomatoes to our compostable containers to our owners, Farm Burger is sustainable, local, humane, and helping to reroute our food system to function more like an ecosystem than a corporation. Our goal is to connect soil, animal, plant, rancher, butcher, chef & customer…all in a simple wire basket.

Farm Burger was started in Decatur, GA in 2010, by Jason Mann and George Frangos, as a way to make farm-to-table dining more accessible to the consumer and more profitable for the producer. Now with three Atlanta-area restaurants, one in Asheville, NC and two in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as a full-service catering operation, the herd continues to grow steadily.


What is the best part of your job?
As the Director of Catering and Events, the best part of my job is that together, with the incredibly talented team at Farm Burger, we get to make our clients’ events everything they dreamed of and more. We pride ourselves on bringing the friendly hospitality and amazing food quality that we are known for in our restaurants to each and every event. Our wedding staff is proud to know that we are a part of one of the most important nights of our clients’ nights and we love to do everything we can to exceed every expectation.


Describe a typical day in your life.
I asked Carly Winn, Farm Burger’s Wedding Coordinator to take this one. One of the best parts about my job with Farm Burger Catering is the variety. Some days I’m in the office putting together quotes + menus, teleconferencing with clients and meeting with our chefs to discuss logistics. Other days I’m running from one end of the city to another: starting in the restaurant for a mid-morning tasting with a bride then heading to another location to reassure a groom’s mother that we can provide vegan options at the rehearsal dinner and ending my day in having dinner with the event coordinator from a local venue. My absolute favorite days, however, are wedding days. There is nothing better than perfecting the details that make up the biggest day of people’s lives. Plus I love to see the look on a guest’s face when he or she discovers that Farm Burger is catering {and it’s not just burgers}!


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
George Frangos, owner of Farm Burger has this to say about staring a small business: Be prepared to work harder then you ever had. Your business is your baby, your passion, treat it with care. Don’t leave it in a hot car. Take care of your employees before your customers and then they will then take care of your customers. Be flexible and be prepared to make changes to your plan every day.

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What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
This one is courtesy of Chelsea Zappel, one of the members of the Farm Burger team on site at The Big Fake Wedding Asheville. My favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding was seeing all the vendors at their creative best. Without the pressure of a “real” wedding, we were all invited to experiment with different things – recipes in our case – giving everyone a chance to try something new. People were very surprised to see no burgers present at our table! I was so impressed with every vendor there. I saw the most amazing bouquets, stunning handcrafted jewelry and accessories, and probably the most beautiful cupcakes I’ve ever seen, and that’s just to name a few things. Best of all, there was no stress. Everyone was there to showcase their talent/business, share it with others and have fun.

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