“What works one moment will be old the next. Always be reinventing and investigating. Never be satisfied or rest on your laurels.” When you see one of the creations from Yoj Events, you’ll know right away that they are all about thinking outside the box. Unique yet classic, this event planning and design company creates magic wherever they go. Candice and her team are not only talented, but also so easy and fun to work with! We had such a great time with Yoj and Breeze at The Big Fake Wedding Charleston, and we’re so excited to share more about them in today’s Vendor Highlight. Enjoy!

“The Yoj and Breeze team are everything you need in event design. If you want to make a design statement, use them! They come up with great concepts and deliver them impeccably.”
The Big Fake Wedding Charleston Team



Tell us a little bit about the story of Yoj Events.
I started Yoj in 2005 as a small side activity to my corporate day job. People kept asking me to help with their weddings and special days, and I decided that was way more fun than my full time life. I left to handle weddings and event through Yoj in 2008 and have since formed the most amazing team of of designers and talented dreamers of wonderful days. Emily, Katherine Katie and I all approach design and planning in our own ways, and our diverse ideas make each day so much more amazing due to our collaborative efforts. We’ve also launched BreezeSC.com where we offer completely stylized wedding packages to couples marrying in Charleston, and busy brides and grooms love the ease of it! We love that our clients work with their planner one on one but have a whole team behind the scenes making it fantastic!


Who or what inspires you?
Inspiration comes in many forms, so we focus on being inspired by what inspires the client. We try to get them to go outside the box. We don’t want to know what wedding pictures they like, but we want to know anything they think is beautiful – their living room, a painting, it really can be anything. The other piece that inspires us is their story. One couple shared a birthday, and it came out they had all of these other random numbers in common, so we incorporated that into the wedding. The table numbers became these interesting numerical coincidences with the stories attached, and the guests loved reading each sign to get to know them and all the interesting connections they shared.


Describe Yoj Events in five words or less.
Yoj is Joy and Authenticity


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
My advice to aspiring small business owners is to recognize it is a marathon not a sprint. What works one moment will be old the next. Always be reinventing and investigating. Never be satisfied or rest on your laurels. Never underestimate the potential for a successful team, either. Work is so much more fun with a team. It has its own pitfalls but know there is strength in numbers and new ideas, too!

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What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
We loved being able to take a storyboard and just go crazy with it. We were drawn to this event because we think Memminger is such a great unique venue, and the storyboard was so different than anything we have done. It was so fun to take such a deep palette and darker space and make it completely romantic and glam. We were able to play with elements like moving lighting that we don’t always play with in a ceremony and really take things all the way. It was like playing dress up as a kid! We just kept layering on the fun!

Photo Credits:
Virgil Bunao (1 + 4) | Riverland Studios | Juliet Elizabeth Photography | McBee Photography


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