After wrapping up 30(!) events this year, we are ready to begin a new season in 2016 with new vendors, cities, couples, and guests. From surprise proposals to dove releases, this year was one we will never forget. Although each and every 2015 event was special in its own way, we have narrowed it down to our top ten moments that made us laugh, cry, or simply remind us why this is all worth it. Enjoy!



The One With the Surprise Proposal – to Our Director of Operations! | The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta
This was a good one, y’all. Once upon a time (about a year ago), our sweet Director of Operations, Johna, attending a Big Fake Wedding event as a partystarter. At the end of the night, she met eyes with a boy named Freddie during “Don’t Stop Believing” (!), and it was love at first sight. With a little help from our team, Freddie surprised Johna at The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta, hopped up on stage, serenaded her, then popped the question. Doesn’t this photo just say it all?


The One With the Aerialist | The Big Fake Wedding Minneapolis-St. Paul
Need we say more? File this under: things we never thought we’d have at an event, but we’re SO glad we did. Thanks to Aerialist Laura and her impressive moves, our first Minneapolis-St. Paul event was truly one of a kind!


The One(s) With BRIDES | The Big Fake Wedding NYC, San Diego, Baltimore, Charleston, Houston, and NYC again
It was such an honor working with BRIDES Magazine at several events this year. They hooked our guests up with free magazine subscriptions, swag from swanky brands like OPI, and nights they’d never forget. Thanks so much, BRIDES!


The One With the Dove Release | The Big Fake Wedding Charleston
Right when we think our vendors have done it all, someone comes along and does a live dove release. It was so neat learning all about how Holy City Doves spends countless hours training these beautiful and intelligent creatures, and simply breathtaking getting to see them disappear into the sky as they flew back home. Too cool!


The One Where We Went Big | The Biggest Fake Wedding
This year, we held our very first invitation-only event for media partners and wedding influencers. Our couple, Gina and Edward, actually participated in our 8th Atlanta event as a bridesmaid and groomsman – but little did Gina know, Edward had planned something huge with the featured couple and our staff. Edward surprised Gina with her dream proposal – a flash mob that ended with everyone pointing to her and Edward on one knee. Can you tell we like surprise proposals? Not only did these two renew their vows at The Biggest Fake Wedding, but there was a *real* wedding as well (included below)!


The One With The Space Needle | The Big Fake Wedding Seattle
Have an event inside a national landmark? Check. We’ll never be over that time we had an event in the top of The Space Needle, so we’re here to remind you all that it happened. The Big Fake Wedding bucket list thrives!


The One Where the Kids Stole the Show | The Big Fake Wedding NYC
They whipped, they nae-nae’d, they brought the house down. It’s cool when children have better dance moves than you, right? Our amazing couple at The Big Fake Wedding NYC this fall, Meg and David, brought their three kids along to celebrate their vow renewal, and we sort of want to hire them for every event.


The One With the Surprise Vow Renewal | The Big Fake Wedding Baltimore
Since the cast at our first Baltimore event was all family and the bride’s dad was the officiant, it only made sense to have a surprise vow renewal between the bridesmaid and groomsman. How adorable is this photo?!


The One With the Breakdancer | The Big Fake Wedding Charleston
The rockstars at OtherBrother Entertainment truly outdid themselves at our fourth Charleston event. They brought along a crazy-talented breakdancer who ended up doing a backflip over three vendors and a groomsman. Just your average fake wedding!


The One Two With a Surprise Wedding | The Surprise Wedding + The Biggest Fake Wedding
You all know how much we love surprises. Although the first surprise wedding wasn’t technically at our event, our CEO, Callie, made this happen for two friends with the help of a few talented vendors from The Big Fake Wedding family. Read more about it here! At The Biggest Fake Wedding a few weeks ago, this event we had a bit of a twist – the vow renewal was followed by a very real surprise wedding ceremony. More coverage on that will be coming soon, but you can see a few of the highlights here!

The One With The TODAY Show | The Big Fake Wedding NYC
Hey guys, remember that time The TODAY Show came to our event, filmed a segment, and then aired it on actual television? Thank you to our small army of crazy-talented vendors, enthusiastic guests, committed couples, supportive partners, and our incredible team for making The Big Fake Wedding possible. In case you missed it, see our segment for yourself above!

Photo Credits:
Love Ya Jess | Shannon Bishop Photography | Allison Hopperstad Photography | Linda Kovtoun | Kaitie Bryant | Tammy Dahlquist Photography | Samantha Lauren Photographie | Kimberly Brooke Photography | Carmen Ash PhotographyJonathan & Kaye + Love Ya Jess


We hope you’ll join us in 2016 to make some memories of your own at The Big Fake Wedding — buy your tickets here.

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