While we are in the business of creating fake weddings, we continue working towards our very real goals of inspiring brides and grooms, promoting small businesses, and encouraging solid marriages. That’s why at each of our events, we have a real married couple renew their vows in front of all the guests. This helps show the attending brides- and grooms-to-be that they are planning for more than just a wedding – they are planning for a marriage as well!

We are SO incredibly grateful for all of the sweet couples in The Big Fake Wedding community for allowing us to be a part of their journey. We feel very lucky that we are able to celebrate the love of these couples at our events, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Take a look at our gorgeous couples from all 30(!) of this year’s events below!




Photo Credits (left to right, top to bottom):
Ashley + Martin (Chicago): Melanie Anderson Photography | Tonya + Justin (Houston): Kristen Curette Photography | Abbie + Alex (New England): Leise Jones Photography | Jenn + Brian (Charlotte): Alexa’s Photography | Keeley + Clayton (New York City): Karen Kristian | Sarah + Josh (Minneapolis-St. Paul): Callie V Photography | Christina + Blaise (Asheville): Nix Wedding Photography | Jordan + Daniel (Charleston): Magnolia Photography | Kylee + Jared (Baltimore): Brandilynn Aines Photography | Margaret + Ryan (Greenville): Casto Photography + Cinema | Caitlin + Jeff (San Diego): Jessica Elaine Photography | Stephanie + Ryan (Philadelphia): Jessica Cooper Photography | Amanda + Travis (Los Angeles): Let’s Frolic Together | Gina + Edward (The Biggest Fake Wedding): Kaitie Bryant | Patricia + Frank (San Francisco): Cameron Ingalls | Erin + Brian (Charleston): Carmen Ash Photography | Deanna + Jimmy (Nashville): Melanie Grady Photography | Jessica + Brandon (Atlanta): Under The White Willow Photography | Colleen + David (Dallas): Tyler + Lindsey | Meg + David (New York City): Sophie Kawalek Photography | Taylor + Logan (Austin): Grey to Blue Photography | Tiffany + Joe (Dallas): Jennifer Crenshaw Photography | Ashley + Matthew (Savannah): Vanessa Velez Photography | Alyssa + Joe (Raleigh): Casey Rose Photography | Lindsay + Scott (Orlando): Love Asha Photography | Heather + Ryan (Atlanta): JD3 Photography | Whitney + Garrett (Seattle): Amanda Photographic | Caroline + Justin (Denver): Meigan Canfield Photography | Sophie + Beau (New Orleans): Courtney Dellafiora Weddings

We can’t wait to introduce you to our fabulous 2016 couples – make sure to grab your tickets here!

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