Modern, simple, and organic – these are just a few words to describe La Fleur Kitchen. Cherie of La Fleur Kitchen creates truly unique and stunning florals, and we are big fans. It was truly a pleasure getting to see what Cherie can do at The Big Fake Wedding Seattle, and we are thrilled to share more about her business in today’s Vendor Highlight.

“The most beautiful blend of rustic elegance I’ve ever seen. Cherie was a gem to work with and has an incredible eye for design. She carefully thought through every aspect of the event down to the very last napkin.”
The Big Fake Wedding Seattle Team



Tell us a little bit about the story of La Fleur Kitchen.
Flowers, plants and mother nature has always been a part of me from a little girl. I grew up in Hawaii and my backyard was my playground. I grew up dancing hula and learning to make my own costumes out of flowers and leaves. Essentially that’s how my appreciate for all things natural started. Although I started incorporating natural elements in my everyday life at an early age, it wasn’t until later when I discovered La Fleur Kitchen. Just like everyone else, I had to explore and experiment a few other things I had in my mind. I’ve always been in a creative environment. I went to school for business and film and grew the love of entrepreurship and storytelling. I traveled the world while working in film and grew my passion for traveling. Then I worked for an interior design and architecture firm thereafter when I had my daughter and no longer could travel. There is where I developed more of my business skills and also a deeper love for design. During that entire time, I took a little piece of everything in all those journeys and found something to learn and grow from each. I still continued to gravitate to the tranquility of flowers and plants. So taking everything I experienced in life and using a part of it, I decided to take a leap 6 years ago and start La Fleur Kitchen. I wanted to set myself apart from others in a way that allowed me to be creative and do what i want, yet incorporate all the things I love.


Who or what inspires you?
La Fleur Kitchen is about being part of someone’s story. Therefore, people inspire me. All walks of life and all sorts of personalities. I also get inspired by travels and exploring different cultures and love what a kitchen provides. The reason I have the word kitchen in my business name is that I grew up if not in the backyard playing with Mother Nature, in the kitchen. My Mom always said that the best moments are in the kitchen, cooking up something good. You cry, laugh, experiment…. I always remember that to this very day and it’s one of the most important spaces in any home.


Describe La Fleur Kitchen in five words or less.
Modern, Organic, Simple, Unique and Tasteful.


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
Keep on doing what you do. Practice practice and then practice more. Even if you think it’s going nowhere. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself. And do not compare yourselves to others. Focus only on you and your passion and you will get there. Owning a business of any sort is hard and owning a small business is even harder, you wear all the hats. But hard work will pay off. It will.


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
I normally do not participate in wedding shows, but what drew me in with The Big Fake Wedding was the concept and the fact that I could show people non­traditional moments. Often times with a wedding, there is one one vision and most times when working with a budget, especially a tight budget thinking of ways that you can create something that is fitting for you, yet practical. Giving moments your own touch and personality is what makes them memories you want to remember. I enjoyed using an inspiration board and playing with different options and creating different designs. I like being different and I liked the diversity that the Big Fake Wedding brought.

Photo Credits:
Brienne Michelle Photography | Personal | Miller Brothers Photography | Photography by Grace Kim (4 + 5)


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