Gina and Edward first met at a mutual friend’s wedding where they danced all night, but she wasn’t totally feeling the sparks. Two years later, they got reacquainted at the finish line of a 4th of July race. Needless to say, sparks were flying both literally and figuratively this time around (see what we did there?). Not long after, Gina and Edward actually participated in our 8th Atlanta event as a bridesmaid and groomsman – but little did Gina know, Edward had planned something huge with the featured couple and our staff. Edward surprised Gina with her dream proposal – a flash mob that ended with everyone pointing to her and Edward on one knee. Scroll to the bottom to watch it all happen in the event highlight video!

We are so excited to celebrate Gina and Edward as they renew their vows at The Biggest Fake Wedding tomorrow night. This first-ever event for media and wedding influencers is invitation-only, but will be highlighted on the blog soon! In the meantime, follow along on Instagram.



Tell us a little bit about your story.
We first met a mutual friend’s wedding where we danced all night, but I thought he was a creep. Two years later, we got reacquainted at the finish line of the Peachtree Road Race on 4th of July. We joke that there were “fireworks” and “sparks” that night not only at the park but in our relationship as well. We got married in April of this year and LOVE being married – if we knew it was going to be this fun, we would’ve done it sooner!

Read Edward’s version of their story here!

What was the most unique part of your engagement story?
The whole thing was magical. Edward could not have picked a better place to propose than a fake wedding (I would not have been happy if he did it a real wedding!). The fact that he did a flashmob (which was my dream) was the most amazing experience!


What inspires you about each other?
His kindness inspires me. I’ve never met someone so selfless and with such a servant’s heart. He is my number one cheerleader and always pushes me to become a better person and pushes me to reach my goals.


What is the most awesome thing about your marriage?
SO MANY THINGS! At first we loved just being together, and always coming home to somebody. Then, we bought a house. Searching for a house and just the next steps in life we are doing together are always so exciting, new, and awesome to go through together. You see “love” in movies and such. However, new experiences with your partner in life is such a priceless blessing that exceeded my expectations – far more than movies. It really shows a glimpse of what God’s love must be like and had I known how amazing married life was, I would’ve done it earlier….but having that perfect match is even more important 🙂

Photo + Video Credits:
Clare Diana Photography (1, 3 + 4) | Katey Penton Photography (2) | Incer Studios


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