It’s no secret how much we love small businesses. Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the major retailers have passed, we think it’s time to give your local favorites some love! We have compiled a small business gift guide made up of ideas from each member of The Big Fake Wedding team, and we’d love for you to check out our picks. Shopping small and local this holiday season not only supports your community, but also provides you with a super unique gift for everyone on your list. Take a look some of our faves below!



“This is a local artisan that produces a line of stunning leather goods. These pieces showcase quality and durability that one would hope for. We buy leather goods because we want them to last and wear in a way that showcases a story. I basically want everything from their purses to keychains. It’s also a huge plus when you and your husband can shop in the same store!” – Natalia

Dapper Ink Custom Outfitters
“I’m a sucker for an old-fashioned handwritten note on good stationery, so when it comes to Christmas gifts I tend to find myself drawn to stores that create beautiful notecards. One of my favorite sets of notecards that I actually gifted to multiple people last year is from a cute printing press in Greenville, SC. Dapper Ink creates offers a few options with witty sayings, or you can actually design your own to make it a little more personal. They create the most beautiful letter pressed postcards as well if you’re willing to step a little outside the box.” -Landrum

The Beehive
“The Beehive is a boutique collective comprised of local independent designers. Their product selection includes apparel, housewares, accessories, baby goods, local food goods and jewelry for everyone. Designer owned and run, The Beehive strives to provide a platform whereby new and established designers and artists may increase their brand visibility.” – Siha

Kaitie Bryant Prints
“Going into the new year, I think this picture offers a perfect depiction of the beauty we offer when we leave “room to breathe” in our professional and personal lives. The way Kaitie presents our need for space in our busy lives is simply flawless. That one is my favorite, but she has other amazing prints, too!” – Laura

Produce Candles
“Handmade in Charleston, SC, Produce Candles have totally won my heart (and my wallet). These natural soy candles are inspired by farmer’s market favorites, such as tomato, melon, kale, rhubarb, and even cilantro. The scents are seriously spot-on, and they even offer seasonal “picks” (pun intended) like rosemary, fig, and sweet potato – perfect for the holidays!” – Chloe

Killing It Sweatshirt from NovaElle
“This sweatshirt sports the work from one of my favorite watercolor artists, Jenn Gietzen. You feel like a total girl boss when you’re wearing it, plus when you shop with NovaElle, you’re giving back to a charitable organization.” – Johna

Grey Ghost Bakery
“Made from scratch in South Carolina, Grey Ghost Bakery cookies are simply addicting. Each decadent flavor has its own personality and every batch is made with love. Word on the street is that you’ll be able to get your very own personalized labels on two-pack samples soon – perfect for holiday parties, baby showers and of course, weddings!” – LaBruce

Sonnet James
“I LOVE the dresses from Sonnet James. The fabric and style really let me do all the things – I can play on the floor with my little boy one second and meet girlfriends for drinks the next. I feel cute and comfortable, and who doesn’t love that? Made in the good ole USA by quite possibly the spunkiest entrepreneur ever, these will be a closet staple. Happy Shopping!” – Callie R.

“Not only do I love their awesome stationary, but a part of the profits go back to raise money for east Africa. Learn more here!” – Austin

Refuge Coffee Co.
“Refuge Coffee Co. is an Atlanta-based non-profit started by my mother-in-law!! This coffee truck in the heart of Clarkston, GA (known as the most diverse square mile in the world) employs refugees and pays a living wage as they receive job and language training. They sell mugs and T-shirts and sometimes sell incredible bags of coffee online, or you can stop by the truck in Clarkston on Wednesdays and Fridays to grab a cup of coffee or chai with friends!” – Callie M.

Tiffany Jazelle Bracelets
“Beautiful bracelets with amazing meanings handcrafted on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. This is my go-to gift for teachers and friends! Love her new gold collection!” – Jamie


Aside from our list, there are endless gift ideas from small businesses everywhere. This season, we encourage you to shop small, y’all — it makes giving feel even better.

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