“Skin MPLS is my non-traditional way of helping people and trying to give to this world more than I receive. I want to help people feel their best, so that they can do their best; and, many of us feel good when we look good.” Look good, feel good, do good – now that’s a mantra we can get behind! From improving complexion, doing makeup, and boosting confidence, Cassie of Skin MPLS loves to do everything she can to give brides something special on their big day. It was such a joy working with Cassie at The Big Fake Wedding Minneapolis-St.Paul, and we can’t wait to share more about her below!

“It’s hard to tell whether Cassie’s gorgeous glow is from her ninja esthetician + makeup skills, or just her radiating personality coming through. Cassie was a delight to work with, and a master of her craft. Our cast was absolutely stunning!”
The Big Fake Wedding Minneapolis-St. Paul Team



Tell us a little bit about the story of Skin MPLS.
A bit of a long story, made short (skipping the juicy part after college when I entered the corporate world, started dating a colleague/pseudo-boss, didn’t feel any passion for my work, took a leave of absence to go to Esthiology and makeup school, kept the boyfriend, turned fiancé, turned husband and eventually started my own business), Skin MPLS is my non-traditional way of helping people and trying to give to this world more than I receive. I want to help people feel their best, so that they can do their best; and, many of us feel good when we look good. So, look good → feel good → do good.

In my work, I’m able to help people in three main ways: improving their complexion by solving acne problems (you have no idea what a case of acne can do to a person’s self-esteem and self-image) and other skin concerns, removing their unwanted facial and body hair and also perfecting their eyebrows, and creating a makeup look for brides to look like the most beautiful bridal version of themselves on their wedding day.


Who or what inspires you?
Inspiration is slapping me upside the head nearly all of the time. I could write a laundry list of where I gather inspiration: blogs, Instagram, local shops, entrepreneurs, nature, people watching, window shopping, food/restaurants, local shops, vacations, modern art, magazines/catalogs and television/movies.

Minneapolis is erupting with inspiration and inspirational people. Just last night, my husband and I went to dinner at a local favorite restaurant and happened to sit at the bar next to the most talented (yet, unbelievably humble) pastry chef here in the Twin Cities. Having the chance to briefly chat with him (i.e., embarrass myself by complimenting him and knowing way too much about him and his bakery) inspired me in more ways than I can explain. When opening the bakery and coffee shop, he set out to create a place for people to connect, converse and escape daily routines while enjoying pastry and coffee. Fast forward to now, and there is a near constant line that customers happily wait in and the bakery is a neighborhood staple that is decorated with well-deserved awards. For me, it’s a success story created from the desire to add to and give back to a community mixed with passion, dedication and hard work.


Describe the ultimate bride to work with.
Next to making people feel good, my second favorite part of work is connecting with people and forming relationships. Because of this, some of my favorite brides to work with have been clients that I had already been working with prior to them becoming engaged, or brides who started seeing me at my skin studio shortly after their engagement in order to begin working on their skin, or “rehabbing” their eyebrows. Once I get to know someone better, doing their makeup for their wedding day is even more special; and, I think I am better able to create a look that is truly them.


What is the best part of your job?
I think I just gave it away in my previous answers, and I may have too many favorites because so many more are coming to mind. The privilege of helping a bride get ready to walk down the aisle to the man (or woman!) that they’re going to marry, the hug from a client when I clear up their complexion, the selfies that people post (and tag me in) because they love their eyebrows so much, my 43 year old client that got carded the day after receiving a facial treatment with me. The list goes on…and on…


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
You already know that I have a hard time picking favorites, so I will give you my top three 😉

1. Connecting with so many lovely brides-to-be (and their entourages!) and seeing their excitement as they gather ideas for their wedding day.

2. Seeing the talent of the local vendors and getting to know so many true professionals.

3. Having The Big Fake Wedding here in Minneapolis! I love alternative ideas and “outside the box” ways of thinking, so when I heard that The Big Fake Wedding was coming, I was thrilled because in my experience, standard bridal shows aren’t really a lot of fun. And wedding planning should be fun, right? Believe me, The Big Fake Wedding is fun!

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