If you follow us on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen us mention HoneyBook about a billion times. Not only do they sponsor our Cocktail Hour, a chance for all the vendors from each event to meet and network before the big day, but their product also makes our lives (a lot) easier. To those of you who don’t know, HoneyBook is the leading platform for creative businesses to streamline lead management, business operations and collaboration on events. Our team has truly loved working with HoneyBook this year, and we’re pretty sure you will too.



So what exactly does HoneyBook do? Maybe Alexis Jenkins of Customer Experience at HoneyBook can shine a little light on what makes her company great. “The product assists creative professionals in accomplishing their daily routine in a seamless and productive capacity. Our product organizes clients, vendors and events in a cohesive online design,” Alexis explains. “HoneyBook promotes collaboration amongst event professionals and like-minded creatives through product features, community and educational opportunities.”


According to our Director of Operations, Johna Griswell, “HoneyBook combines the work of multiple softwares into one streamlined platform.” Johna is the one who uses HoneyBook the most on our team, and we know how important it is for her to work as efficiently as possible. Lucky for her, HoneyBook makes that possible! “From sending a proposal to receiving payment, its features allow you to easily manage clients from start to finish. Additionally, with automated reminders you can set up the account in the beginning and put the rest of the process on cruise control!” Johna is an operational wizard, so this glowing testimonial is worth its weight in gold! HoneyBook, thanks for making our lives easier.


We’ve had such a great year working with HoneyBook, and we’d love to invite you all to see if you agree. Claim your invitation here! To win some HoneyBook + The Big Fake Wedding swag, head to our Instagram today.


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