As you may know, each Big Fake Wedding event is modeled around a unique inspiration board that is provided to the vendor team as loose guideline for their designs. Our inspiration boards serve as a way of ensuring that each event, while put on by a huge collaboration of vendors, looks like one whole cohesive event. Ever wonder what all goes into these inspiration boards? We’re here to tell you!



Step 1: Ruffled Curates

Our team had the honor of collaborating with the team at Ruffled to develop our 2016 inspiration boards for each event. Ruffled curated the content and aesthetic direction for each board based off of themes they would like to see in the wedding industry next year – which means trends, ideas, and designs that aren’t seen all over Pinterest yet. We love to encourage our vendors to really push the creative envelope, so we are very excited about this! With Ruffled’s original concepts, our 2016 vendors will not only take risks with daring trends – they will be the ones starting them.

Step 2: The Big Fake Wedding Compiles

After Ruffled chose the content for each board and we got photo permission from all the talented individuals behind them, the images were finalized. Next on the checklist was writing the text for each board, and luckily one of our lovely Production Managers, Callie Rogers, is kind of brilliant at that. After Callie whipped up some witty, creative, and just plain poetic challenges and descriptions, it was finally time to compile all 30(!) boards. Our killer graphic designer, Laura of Fleecher Designs, meticulously assembled each inspiration board, patiently making edits where we saw fit. Check out one of her beautiful finished products below!

Step 3: The Final 2016 Event Schedule

Finally, our team got together to take a look at the finished boards, the 2016 event schedule, and how they would all fit together. Taking into consideration the venue, location, time of year, and past events, we assigned a board to each 2016 city. To see which inspiration board is designated to your city, click here!



Thanks to our friends at Ruffled, vendors from The Big Fake Wedding family, our fabulous graphic designer, our patient team, and the talented folks around the world who agreed to participate, we can now begin to bring these boards to life to inspire brides- and grooms-to-be across the country!

Want to help us make these dreamy inspiration boards a reality? Apply here to join the party as a vendor!

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