When asked about pivotal moments in her career, Nicole of Gingerspice pretty much sums up the heart behind her business in one sentence: the decision to go out on her own to pursue her passion for “bringing sweetness into the lives of others and brightening people’s smiles.” Nicole’s wonderful personality shines through in each and every one of her designs, which makes for creative and detailed cakes that are truly made with love. And if your sweet tooth was wondering, her cakes, cookies, and macarons taste just as incredible as they look! It was such a treat (literally) working with Gingerspice at The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta, and we’re so excited to share more about them in today’s Vendor Highlight.

“Nicole of Gingerspice is just the sweetest – no pun intended. She makes some killer cakes that not only look good, but they taste incredible! Her skills are vast so she has the ability to to make whatever kind of cake you ask for.”
The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta Team



Tell us a little bit about the story of Gingerspice.
Gingerspice is the culmination of a years-long journey. I studied graphic design in school and during the in-betweens I worked at my bake craft (starting with French macarons and not resting until they were mastered). Nearly six years ago, I left the design field and opened a restaurant with my mother. I quickly realized that my passion was not just interacting and forming relationships with customers, but whipping up delicious sweets for them as well. During 2014 I started to really look at what I was doing at the restaurant and figure out what I needed to be doing to grow creatively and emotionally. Towards the end of that year I made the decision to start looking into opening my own place, and earlier this year I gulped in my breath and dove into my own business – and haven’t been happier!


Who or what inspires you?
For design and style I am blown away by the desserts coming out of Australia and London right now – very artily piled on, clean-and-crisp, and fresh! But most of all, my mom inspires me. She is the hardest worker I know and she has owned and operated many restaurants and cafes over the years, pushing for consistency, friendly service, and most of all – delicious food! If I’m struggling with anything I know I can go to her for the best advice.


Describe a highlight or pivotal moment in your career.
Making the decision to go out on my own to pursue my passion for bringing sweetness into the lives of others and brightening people’s smiles.


What is the sweetest part of your job?
Besides taste-testing? 😉 I love meeting with clients and hearing their stories, then putting them into the final product. Nothing beats the finishing touch – the bride’s favorite flowers, gold leaf for the luxe couple, or helping hunt down the perfect topper to match the couple’s pups.


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
Such a groovy experience all around! From chatting with The Big Fake Wedding staff to meeting such great new people and vendors, I loved the hands-on aspect of the whole event. Everyone’s there, elbows-deep in ribbon, blossoms, and a little glitter too – getting ready to throw the best party in town, all while working together and making new friends and contacts. I had a blast and look forward to further collaborations with the amazing folks I’ve met.

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