We’re not going to lie to you, couple portraits are without a doubt one of the most important parts of your big day. No pressure, right? However, lucky for you, all that entails is standing there and being in love. Now that doesn’t sound too scary, does it? For this week’s Tuesday’s 10 12 (okay okay, you caught us), we’re showing off a few of our sweet couples and the talented photographers that captured their love. Whether you want your portraits to be classic or unique, we’ve got you covered with tons of inspiration below!


The NotWedding

Megan Saul Photography | The 1st Chicago NotWedding


Morgan Trinker Photography | The 1st Birmingham NotWedding


Angela Cox Photography | The 1st Greenville NotWedding


Jackie Cooper Photo | The 1st Denver NotWedding


Let’s Frolic Together | The Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles


Organic Photography | The 1st Cape Cod NotWedding


Hybrid Photography | The 1st San Diego NotWedding


Photography Anthology | The 3rd Nashville NotWedding


From The Hip | The 1st Athens NotWedding


Tyler + Lindsey | The Big Fake Wedding Dallas


Jessica Oh Photography | The 2nd NYC NotWedding


Hannah Elaine Photography | The 2nd Nashville NotWedding


 Need some inspiration to plan the rest of your wedding? You’ve come to the right place! Visit our event page to find out when The Big Fake Wedding is coming to your city – you’ll get a chance to see all your local wedding vendors in action, as well as get some ideas for your big day. See you there!

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