We are so excited to introduce our featured day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding NYC, Alexandra of Look Sharp Events! Alexandra and her team are all about making your special day as seamless as possible and bringing your visions to life. Today, Look Sharp Events is taking over the blog to enlighten us on the first four things you should do after you say yes – we hope you enjoy!

The love for crafting, for making, for planning has always been a part of me. It was my hobby, my relaxation, my outlet, and is now my life. The satisfaction of taking a concept and seeing it through to completion is thrilling and drives me with every event I work on. When passion drives you, perfection is what you strive for. That is no different with each and every one of our client’s events. I look forward to every consultation because it opens the door to imagination and creativity and it brings a joy that I cannot replace. No matter the scope of your event, we are here to bring your visions to life.


The First Four Things You Should Do After You Say Yes


Congrats – you’re engaged! Now what?

1. Breathe
It is the number one thing brides-to-be all seem to forget to do. This is an amazing and exciting time and your first instinct is going to be to start planning right away. I implore you… fight that urge! There will be months and months ahead of you where you will be living in floor plans, Pinterest boards and flower arrangements. Relax. Enjoy your moment. Breathe and let it sink in that you have just said yes to the person you love with whom you get to spend the rest of your life with. The details can wait, we promise.


2. Figure Out What You* Want
*You = you and your fiancé. NOT your mom’s friend from work, that coworker who just got married, everyone you meet who sees your ring, or your Starbucks barista. Your wedding is individual to you and your fiancé no matter how much everyone else offers an opinion, and oh, they will!

Sure you may have had your wedding binder since you were 5 but this is the real deal! Sit down with your fiancé and talk about how you see your big day. Hammer out the deal breakers and what is most important. Destination wedding or something local? Out of the box and funky or traditional ceremony and reception? Whatever your vision may be, once you settle on the big ticket items the rest of the details will fall into place. It’s also a necessity before moving on to step number 3…


3. “Budget” Is Not a Four Letter Word
Unless you have one of those magic trees that money grows on, creating a budget will be one of the most important things you do during this whole process. It’s not as glamorous as falling in love with a gown but it will help you make your dream day come to life. Find a top line number you feel comfortable with and let it guide you in your decision making. The idea is to be carried over the threshold not climb over a mountain of debt your wedding left you with.


4. Surround Yourself with the Right Team
You’ve enjoyed some engagement time. You’ve done Pinterest board research and have come out the other side with the perfect wedding vision. You did the hard work and faced the dollar sign reality. Congratulations, you are now officially ready to plan your wedding! I’m sure you have thought about who will be by your side on that day. But, who will be behind you every step of the way? Hiring a wedding planner can take all of the stress out of the planning process, leaving your to focus on what matters. Your planner will be your sounding board, designer, therapist, negotiator and your ally. When the process gets overwhelming, it’s often your planner that helps you back down to reality .

Getting engaged is such an exciting time, so be sure to really be present and enjoy the moments with your fiancé. Then, when you are ready, jump down the planning rabbit hole. We promise it’s not that scary, especially when you have someone guiding your way!

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