After finding herself jobless in a new city, Alison revisited her old hobby of making jewelry as a creative outlet while she sent out resumes. Little did she know, this was the start of her dream job at a company where she gets to be her own boss. Enter J’Adorn Designs, a handcrafted jewelry studio specializing in couture bridal jewelry and custom designs. We’re pretty big fans of Alison and her work, so it was an honor getting to work with J’Adorn Designs at The Big Fake Wedding Baltimore. We’re so excited to share more about Alison in her very own Vendor Highlight!

“It was SUCH a joy getting to know and work with Alison from J’Adorn Designs in Baltimore. It is difficult for me to believe that she is a self-taught jeweler as her intricate designs are pure artistry. Alison’s attention to detail – and sweet personality! – make her a dream to work with. For all of you brides-to-be out there, I encourage you to consider working with J’Adorn Designs to create something special for your special day…and for all of those special ladies who will be by your side (mamas, grandmamas, bridesmaids, flower girls).”
The Big Fake Wedding Baltimore Team



Tell us a little bit about the story of J’Adorn Designs. 
My love affair with jewelry making and other artistic endeavors has been lifelong, but J’Adorn Designs was founded in early 2012 when I found myself jobless in a new city. I left my job in international education at a university in Philadelphia to move to Baltimore when I married my husband. Always being the artistic type, I decided to revisit my old hobby of making jewelry as a creative outlet while I sent out resumes. Friends began to take notice and asked about purchasing my creations. Many of my friends were getting married at that time and they commissioned me to create matching bridesmaids’ sets to give their weddings a personal touch; they’d seen me do this for my own wedding when I couldn’t find the right pieces for my best girls. I steadily grew my business on the side of other part-time jobs for about 3 years and was finally able to quit my day job this summer!


Who or what inspires you?
I’ve always been very inspired in my bridal collections by the full scope of aesthetics that go into a wedding – the florals, the dress, hairstyles, and popular color palettes for each season. When I design custom jewelry for a client, I like to hear about her vision and ask detailed questions about the look she’s trying to achieve so I can tailor-make my jewelry to fit. For the pre-designed pieces available in my online shop, I try to create an aesthetic that mixes timeless style with current trends, which is a reflection of my own personal style.


Describe a highlight or pivotal moment in your career.
Believe it or not, being approached by The Big Fake Wedding to be a vendor in their first ever Baltimore show was one of my proudest moments as a designer! Getting called out of the blue to be the exclusive jeweler for this event that I’d already been noticing in my social channels was a great honor and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to participate.


What is the best part of your job?
The best (and oddly enough, the most challenging) part of my job is the fact that I get to be my own boss. Building a business from the ground up is something that requires and extraordinary amount of focus, patience, adaptability, and good old-fashioned hard work. I love that I get to call 100% of the shots and be the master of my own fate in my career, but the other side of this setup is that it all rests on my shoulders (and if I slack off, the business noticeably suffers!) It’s an extremely rewarding and intensive job, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
My favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience was having the opportunity to see my jewelry “in action” on the bride and her bridesmaids. Since the jewelry I make gets created, packed, and shipped from my studio directly to my brides or bridal boutiques that carry my line, I rarely have the opportunity to see the look come together in the full context of the wedding day. It was a real treat to get the whole picture from such a close vantage point!

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Allison Hopperstad Photography (1 + 4) | Carolyn Thombs Fine Art and Photography (2) | Bryan Lee Photography (3) | Kimberly Brooke Photography (5)


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