Is there anything that hits the spot quite like a snow cone during this July heat? We sure don’t think so! And we have a hunch that today’s featured vendor doesn’t think so either. Melissa, the brains behind Jo Snow, is no Joe Shmoe (get it?). Melissa started out making coffee syrups because she became bored with all the flavors out there. She realized that she already knew how to make unique all-natural syrups, and soon after, Jo Snow was born. Her one-of-a-kind product coupled with some serious business-savvy on her end led her to where she is today. Not only did Melissa’s quirky attitude find a way into our hearts at The Big Fake Wedding Chicago, but Jo Snow Syrups found a way into our tummies! We’re thrilled to feature her in today’s Vendor Highlight!

“Melissa was amazing – she brought such a unique product to the event and people were going crazy over what she brought.”
The Big Fake Wedding Chicago Team



Tell us a little bit about the story behind Jo Snow Syrups.
Well, I used to own a café where I started making syrups for my lattes because I was bored of the flavors out there. Once the café was sold, I took 4 months to recover and then started scheming. I’ve always wanted a food product and was trying to figure out what I could make. Then it hit me, I already knew how to make unique all-natural syrups. So I figured out how to tweak the recipe, brand it, and Jo Snow was born. We came up with the name on a road trip to Kansas City to check out a snow cone trailer. You get a little loopy after 7 hours in the car. Plus I wanted the brand to be fun and not so serious.


What is the best part of your job?
I have two favorite parts, coming up with unique flavor combinations and then seeing a person’s face when they taste my product and say, “Wow, that is good.”


Describe Jo Snow Syrups in five words or less.
Fun, natural, hand crafted, unique.


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
Research…do a lot of research. Check out your competitors, figure out what sets you apart from them, and run with it. Be unique, but realize that being unique will limit your audience. If you are fine with that, go for it! Research any laws or regulations that pertain to the business you want to start. You may start small & certain rules won’t apply to you, but you want to be prepared for your growth. Also, really think about pricing. It is a combo of what it costs you to make and what the market will bear. If you have the option of selling wholesale you will want to price your goods so they can withstand a 30% – 50% price cut to be able to sell to wholesale accounts, which will resell them. Start small, but think big.


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
It was so cool meeting all the other vendors. Everyone was so interesting and unique. I get excited when I see something I have never seen before, which isn’t often, and I saw a ton of that in the vendors. Everyone was so creative and passionate about their businesses. It was great being in like company.

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Ed & Aileen Photography (1, 4 + 5) | Personal (2) | Jen Moran Photography ( 3)


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