If you’ve ever wondered who does our fabulous graphic design and branding, say hello to our secret weapon, Laura. Branding, hand lettering, graphic design – you name it, Laura can do it (and so darn well, we might add). Growing up, Laura doodled words and geometric shapes all over her school notes and has always had a knack for knowing how to organize. After people kept encouraging her to look into graphic design, she finally did! Spoiler alert: she killed it. Laura might be just a contract employee for The Big Fake Wedding, but she’s such an important part of our business and has a huge hand in who we are as a company. We love Laura to pieces and are so excited to share more about her in her very own Staff Highlight!



Tell us a little bit about your wonderful business.

  • My business is officially named Fleecher Designs
  • I’ve been in business for myself a year and a half, but have been in the graphic design field for over 4 years.
  • www.fleecherdesigns.etsy.com (shop)
  • www.fleecherdesigns.com (branding + design + lettering)


Describe yourself in five words.
Just learning to be brave.


Why graphic design?
Honestly, I wonder the same thing from day to day! Growing up, I doodled words and weird geometric shapes all over my school notes. I had (and still have) a knack for knowing how to organize, and as a child, I loved drawing up house plans… for fun. (?!) When I got to college, I had no idea what I wanted to do, but since people kept encouraging me to look into graphic design, I did. A BFA and four years later, here I am as a freelance designer and self-proclaimed hand-letter student.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? And who is it from?
“You got this, girl.” – my mom. Simple phrase, yet supremely applicable to every current situation, right?


In your opinion, what makes The Big Fake Wedding different from other companies?
Callie Murray’s humility and eagerness to learn from experts. Her humble leadership alone sets the company apart and allows plenty of room for any necessary growth and change.

Photo Credits:
Kaitie Bryant (1 + 5) | Shayla McLarty Photography (2) | Fleecher Designs


More from Laura:
Website | Etsy Shop | Instagram

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