If you’re going to take pre-wedding advice from anyone, we think your day-of coordinator should be near the top of that list. Since the wedding coordinators at our events are so fabulous, we love to share their wisdom with y’all. Today on the blog, we’re so excited to introduce our featured day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Baltimore, Ivori of Ivori Nicole Events. Ivori does it all and does it incredibly well, so we asked her to guest star on our blog in our day-of coordinator series! We hope you enjoy Ivori’s 5 tips on getting your groom to say “I do!”

With 13 years of wedding and special events planning experience, Ivori Lipscomb-Warren consults with clients to design flawless events to be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. Once a bride herself, Ivori believes in taking the time to listen to a couple’s desired wishes, and closely guiding them through what can be a daunting planning process. Ivori began her wedding design career when she apprenticed for a wedding consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. area. A quick study, it wasn’t long before she decided to strike out on her own and set up a consulting firm, then called Simple yet Elegant Affairs—and in 2014 rebranded to Ivori Nicole™ Events. The Ivori Nicole™ Events moniker is more reflective of Ivori’s distinctive style, ‘Chic and Modern’. Ivori has designed weddings and special events for couples in Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and various international locales. Her eye for seamlessly integrating both established etiquette and innovative industry trends, has garnered her features on Baltimore Fox 45 News to dish on current wedding trends and Baltimore Bride Magazine’s Aisle Style event and in publications like Baltimore Magazine’s Women in Business edition, Ebony.com, BaltimoreBride.com, Pretty Pear Bride and Munaluchi Bride. Additionally her writing has been featured in Perfect Wedding Guide.


It’s All About the Groom

There are two VIPs on a couple’s wedding day, and Ivori Nicole ™ Events never wants to inadvertently leave out our grooms! We offer a unique and customizable service that is all about the groom, and from a male’s perspective.

5 Tips to Getting Your Groom to Say “I Do!”

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1. Share Decision Making
While it can be more efficient for brides to take the lead in all of the decisions, especially when the grooms have a “whatever she wants” attitude, it is important that there is shared input. This will make the groom more interested in the planning and not having him feeling like he is in left field.


2. Divide and Conquer
Duel involvement doesn’t mean dueling it out for every decision. The person who is more married to the choice of flowers, food, or favors take on the responsibility. In cases where the groom prefers to play a smaller role, present him with narrowed down choices (i.e. selecting the DJ or transportation). That way, he still plays a role.


3. Avoid Nagging
Don’t hassle him. Give the groom ample time to make decisions so it is not coming down to a deadline. The more you hassle him, the more reluctant he might be to express his opinion.


4. Rely on a Mediator
Sometimes planning is not so cut and dry and the bride and groom may not see eye to eye. Jot down the pros and cons from both sides, step away from the planning for a minute and talk to a natural party (i.e. your wedding planner) that can assist with making a sound decision that you both will be happy with. Remember, marriage is about compromising!

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5. Allow for Compromise
Just like the key to success in a relationship, both the bride and groom are encouraged to give and take as the day is not one sided, but about both of them. Remember, it is about the marriage and not the wedding!

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