Caitlin and Jeff met in June 2007 at Tantalum restaurant in Long Beach, California. Their very first date started out with a bang (literally) when Jeff got in a wreck on the way there. Although it may not have been an ideal first date, Caitlin met him at the scene of the accident and the pair has been inseparable ever since.

We are so excited to celebrate Caitlin and Jeff as they renew their vows at The Big Fake Wedding San Diego, presented by BRIDES, tomorrow night at The Moniker Warehouse. We hope to see you there!



What is the best date you have ever had?
We met at Tantalum restaurant in 2007 where Jeff worked at the time. After talking for two hours and exchanging numbers, I left with butterflies. Our first date started off with a bang – literally. Jeff got in a car accident and totaled his car on the way to our date. I went to the scene of the accident and we have been together ever since.

What was the most unique part of your engagement story?
We knew right away that we were going to get married, but it wasn’t until a year and half later that he proposed on the most surprising and special way in front of his entire family on Christmas Eve 2008. We were married in 2010 in Huntington Beach and welcomed our first baby in 2011 and our second baby in 2013.


What is the best gift you have ever given each other?
The greatest gift that Caitlin has given me are our two beautiful children, our daughter Presley and son Braxton. I see so much of her in them and I am so grateful and so thankful that she is my partner in raising our two little angels.

What advice would you give an engaged couple?
My advice to any engaged couple is to communicate about everything that is important to you, individually and together. Leave little to no unknowns, be on the same page about children, finances, goals, dreams, etc. Make it a goal to every day make each other feel like the most important thing in each other’s lives and go out of your way every day to show your love, admiration, and loyalty to each other. And to all you soon-to-be grooms, remember this: “a happy wife means a happy life!”

What was the absolute best memory from your wedding day?
The most memorable moment from our wedding day is when I first saw Caitlin at the end of the aisle with her father as she began to walk towards me. It was the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen. It was a surreal moment knowing that that my soulmate was finally going to be my wife.


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Jim Kennedy Photographers | Sara Ancich Photography


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