Because the wedding planners at our events are so fabulous, we want to show them off as much as we can. Today on our blog, we’re so excited to introduce our featured day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Philadelphia, SarahFrench of SarahFrench Events. This killer coordinator does it all (and does it well), so we asked her to contribute to our new blog series where we feature our day-of coordinators for our upcoming events! Today, SarahFrench is sharing a few reasons that you might consider having a wedding planner.

SarahFrench Events is a wedding planning company that believes in love, coffee, and weddings that are as unique as the love story that got you to the altar. SarahFrench is a red headed dynamo who has been planning events for ten years, and loves making every event request (no matter how impossible it seems) come true. Most importantly, SarahFrench Events believes that love can change the world. Can’t say we disagree!


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This is probably going to be to the single most radical thing you’ve ever heard a wedding planner say.

You don’t need me.

Yes, you did read that correctly – you don’t need me to get married. To get married you need the love of your life, typically some witnesses, and someone legally able to marry you. Period.

Now, because most people want to have a wedding in addition to getting married (the two are not the same thing), I would strongly recommend hiring a wedding planner, for a whole bunch of reasons. Here are the top five:

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

1. The biggest party you’ve ever thrown likely involved an evite (and maybe a trip to Whole Foods).
Not contracts, dozens (or hundreds!) of people and thousands of moving parts.


2. Weddings, and wedding planning, are really emotional.
I realize this is kind of a ‘duh’ statement, but stay with me. In the season one episode of Gilmore Girls* there are twin brides having a vicious argument about whether soup or salad should be served – until Lorelai says “What if we offered the guests a choice of soup or salad?” Now, that probably should have been the girls’ (or their mother’s) first thought – but because there are so many emotions flying around during the wedding planning process, it’s hard sometimes to think clearly. You’d be surprised how often situations like this come up – having a professional outside party’s perspective can be really helpful.


3. We are event planning gurus!
I’ve been planning events for over ten years. It’s my passion, but it’s also my career. There are many things that I do without thinking (negotiate a contract to give you extra concessions/a better price, figure out a way to accommodate two guests who RSVP’d under fake names so they could surprise the couple, re-arrange the seating of a reception in 15 minutes due a last minute request**) that would cause – at the very least – panic to someone who doesn’t do this for a living. It makes total sense because it would panic me if someone asked me to do taxes for a large corporation or design a car engine – I’ve never been trained in those professions, but I am highly trained in how to throw an amazing, seamless event.

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4. Frequently, we can save you money.
Wedding planners have dozens of money saving hacks. For instance, did you know you can save thousands of dollars if you get married in the “off season” of wedding planning? Almost all vendors offer off season pricing that is typically hundreds (or more!) less than their high season pricing. And that’s only the tip of the money saving iceberg.


5. We love our clients.
The SarahFrench Event client experience is love. Love our couples, love their families, love the vendors we work with. Don’t get me wrong, I want to plan your dream wedding. But more than that – my goal is to love you. Maybe that’s by dropping off some flowers. Or sending you a Starbucks gift card and a funny note. Or a punching bag (we’ve all been there). Whatever makes you smile and feel special – because you are special. SarahFrench Events believes in the power of love. And our goal is to spread love wherever we go – whether you’re a client or not.

*I can think of the applicable Gilmore Girls quote for every situation in life. “It’s a show? It’s a lifestyle.”
**All real situations that have actually happened.

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