You know what makes your big day a whole lot easier? Having a wonderful wedding venue. Harborside East, we’re lookin’ at you! From the minute we started planning our 4th Charleston event until we locked up that night, Chelsea and the Harborside East team went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only was Chelsea incredibly helpful and accommodating, but she’s so personable and fun too. She took the time to talk to virtually everyone there, and the vendors and guests absolutely loved her. Clearly we feel the same! It was truly a pleasure working with Chelsea and the Harborside East team at The Big Fake Wedding Charleston, and we’re so excited to feature them in our Vendor Highlight today.

“Chelsea at Harborside East was fantastic. She was so accommodating, willing to help at the drop of a hat, and just sweet as could be. She made our job so much easier!”
The Big Fake Wedding Charleston Team



Describe Harborside East in five words or less.
Waterfront venue with spectacular views.


What is the best part of your job?
My favorite part of the job is seeing the brides on their wedding day. We talk so much before the wedding about small little logistical things, but on the day of the wedding to see it all come together and how happy they look makes all of the prep worth it!


Who is your biggest fan?
This is tough! I feel like each wedding is such a unique moment for that couple so I hope our biggest fan is every couple that celebrates their special day here! I want all couples to look back on their wedding day and see the pictures of what they chose to do with this space and be so happy that they chose Harborside. I hope all the married couples that picked this venue are our biggest fans!


How do you do it all and do it so well?
I think having a great team makes everything so much easier. We work with caterers, planners, and so many other vendors and when you have a great team doing what they do best so flawlessly, it makes being the venue so rewarding! We get to see it shine under their visions.


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
I loved getting to see all of the vendors turn this venue into something I had never seen. We had grass bars, hanging floral chandeliers, break dancers, and dove releases! After seeing this venue dressed up for so many different weddings I thought I had seen it all, but The Big Fake Wedding vendors brought a style and some really creative and fun ideas that made me get excited about what this place can do all over again! I think the brides really loved to see all the possibilities too!

Photo Credits:
Richard Bell Photography (1, 4 + 5) | Courtney Dox Photography | Captured by Kate


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