“My favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience is the connection that you make with other vendors. There is such a beautiful sense of camaraderie…it’s felt throughout the entire process – from beginning to the big finale.” Not only is Jasmin of Estudio RoJo such a pleasure to work with, but so incredibly talented as well. When we saw the signage she had created for The Big Fake Wedding Charlotte, we wanted all of it for ourselves! We absolutely loved working with Jasmin at our second Charlotte event, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for her.

“Jasmin was so wonderful at collaborating with vendors and offering her services to other vendors. She’s excited about what she does and it makes a huge difference in her business. You can tell that she loves and values what she does.” – The Big Fake Wedding Charlotte Team



Tell us a little bit about the story behind Estudio Rojo.
Estudio RoJo is the story of me and my style. I am 100% modernly rustic and I love seeing that design style incorporated in all facets of my life, even down to my stationery, paper goods and art. After seeing a vacancy in the stationery and art world that spoke to me and my aesthetic I decided to fill that void by creating my own pieces of art. I started off designing stationery and art prints that I felt like I wanted to buy and others, who shared my same style, would also love to hang up on their wall or send as a note to a friend or loved one. After noticing how I constantly went back to my calligraphy roots and kept incorporating it into my designs, I decided to officially offer it as a service within my business in December of 2014. Since then, my business has picked up speed and has been recognized by more and more people.


Who or what inspires you?
My biggest inspiration comes from my second home, Bogotá, Colombia. Bogotá is the true definition of urban rusticity. I always refer to it when I am about to design a new card, paper good or art work. It might sound funny, but a lot of my inspiration also comes from the music that I listen to, nature and different modern shops that I frequent. I look around and ask myself, ‘What’s missing? How could I add a little ER touch to this and make it different? Can I see my work featured here?’ and then I create from there. As far as people, I am always inspired by the many fabulous and talented calligraphers out there like Anne Robin,  Lauren SaylorLindsey Bugsbee and Fozzy Castro-Dyrit, just to name a few.


What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is seeing things come to fruition. I currently am working a full-time job and I am building ER in my “spare” time. So being able to see how much I, as a business woman and entrepreneur as well as my business, mature over this short time is exciting, humbling and filled with tons of anxiety. The other great thing about my job is seeing the response from clients when they see an idea or concept that they had transform into something so beautiful and unique once I’ve added my touch to it.


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
If I could give any advice to someone who is an aspiring small business owner it would be to trust their vision. No one will believe in them if they don’t believe in themselves first. If they believe in their product or in their skills with all of their might then nothing will stop them. Not the nay-sayers, the negative balance in their bank account nor the lack of response by customers in purchasing their products. They will keep adjusting their marketing strategy, their designs or become even more innovative with their business approach and will find the light at the end of the long tunnel.


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
My favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience is the connection that you make with other vendors. Since The Big Fake Wedding is driven by small business owners, then that means that everyone is relatively on the same playing field. There are others who are trying to make a name for themselves so that allows you to not feel so intimidated. There is such a beautiful sense of camaraderie with The Big Fake Wedding and it’s felt throughout the entire process – from beginning to the big finale. This is the opportunity to network and make friends. I’m so glad I did it and would encourage others to do it also.

Photo Credits:
Brownwyn Duffield Photography (1 – 3) | Jodi Miller Photography | Personal


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